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  1. anti-federalists
  2. Old Northwest
  3. Dey of algiers
  4. Antifederalists
  5. The "Great Compromise" in the constitutional convention provided that
  1. a the opponents of the constitution who argued against creating such a strong central government
  2. b north african leader who took advantage of the weakness of the articles of confederation to attack american shipping
  3. c the territory north of the ohio and east of the mississippi governed by the acts of 1785 and 1797
  4. d there would be representation by population in the house of representaives but equal representation of all states in the senate
  5. e group that failed to block the central government they feared but did not force the promise of a bill of rights

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  1. women had a special responsibility to cultivate the civic virtues of republicanism in their children
  2. issued a call to congress for a special convention to revise the Articles
  3. young new yorker who argued eloquently for the constitution even though he favored an even stronger central government
  4. wealthy conservatives devoted to republicanism who engineered a nonviolent political transformation
  5. of their political fear that a fight over slavery would destroy fragile national unity

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  1. A major new political innovation that emerged in the Revolutionary era wasthe increasing separation of church and state


  2. Articles of ConfederationThe first constitutional government of the united states


  3. Northwest ordinance of 1787after sufficient population growth, western territories could be organized and then join the union as states


  4. Patrick Henryvirginia antigederalist leader who thought the constitution spelled the end of liberty and equality


  5. the federalistwealthy conservatives devoted to republicanism who engineered a nonviolent political transformation


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