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  1. Agreement among states to give up western land claims
  2. Despite the Revolutions emphasis on human rights and equality, the founding fathers failed to abolish slavery because
  3. Temporary
  4. Antifederalists generally found their greatest support among
  5. Virginia statue for religious freedom
  1. a the poorer debtors and farmers
  2. b made possible the approval of the articles of confederation and the passage of two important laws governing western lands
  3. c the status of a western area under the Northwest Ordinance after it established an organized government but before it became a state
  4. d legislation passed by an alliance of jefferson and the baptists that disestablished the anglican church
  5. e of their political fear that a fight over slavery would destroy fragile national unity

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  1. an exclusive order of military officers that aroused strong democratic opposition
  2. scared conservatives and made them determined to strengthen the central government agaaisnt debtors
  3. a list of guarantees that federalists promised to add to the constitution in order to win ratification
  4. a failed revolt in 1786 by poor debtor farmers that raised fears of mobocracy
  5. issued a call to congress for a special convention to revise the Articles

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  1. Patrick Henryvirginia antigederalist leader who thought the constitution spelled the end of liberty and equality


  2. Protestant Episcopalnew name for the Anglican church after it was disestablished and de-anglicized in Virginia and elsewhere


  3. Massachusettsfirst of key states where federalists won by a narrow margin over the opposition of antideferalist Sam Adams


  4. The primary political obstacle to the formation of the first American government under the Articles of Confederation wasthe idea of a written constitutuion drafted by a convention and ratified by direct vote of the people


  5. Northwest ordinance of 1787after sufficient population growth, western territories could be organized and then join the union as states