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  1. A meeting in Annapolis to discuss revising the Articles of Confederation
  2. Virginia statue for religious freedom
  3. Dey of algiers
  4. Temporary
  5. Antifederalist fears that the Constitution would destroy liberties
  1. a issued a call to congress for a special convention to revise the Articles
  2. b north african leader who took advantage of the weakness of the articles of confederation to attack american shipping
  3. c the status of a western area under the Northwest Ordinance after it established an organized government but before it became a state
  4. d made federalists promise to add a bill of rights to the Constitution
  5. e legislation passed by an alliance of jefferson and the baptists that disestablished the anglican church

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  1. of their political fear that a fight over slavery would destroy fragile national unity
  2. Massachusetts, Virginia, and New York
  3. the opponents of the constitution who argued against creating such a strong central government
  4. forced acceotance of the three fiths compromise counting each slave as 3/5ths of a person for purpose of representation
  5. disputes among the jealous states over control of western lands

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  1. Presidentthe offical under the new constitution who would be commander in cheif of the armed forces, appoint judges and other officals, and have the power to veto legislation


  2. Large State planthe plan proposed by new jeresy (william patterson) for a unicameral legislature with equal representation of states regardless of size aand population


  3. The weakness of the articles of confederationnearly bankrupted the national government and invited assaults on American interests by foreign powers


  4. The Northwest Ordinance of 1787 provided thatlegislation that provided for the orderly transformation of the western territories into states


  5. One way that American independence actually harmed the nations economic fortunes was bycutting off American trade with the British empire