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  1. New York
  2. Society of Cincinnati
  3. The conflict in the constitution convention between large and small states
  4. Agreement among states to give up western land claims
  5. President
  1. a the offical under the new constitution who would be commander in cheif of the armed forces, appoint judges and other officals, and have the power to veto legislation
  2. b forced the adoption of the great compromise which required a bicameral legislature with two different bases of representation
  3. c made possible the approval of the articles of confederation and the passage of two important laws governing western lands
  4. d the only state to allow a direct vote on the Constitution
  5. e an exclusive order of military officers that aroused strong democratic opposition

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  1. of their political fear that a fight over slavery would destroy fragile national unity
  2. raising the fear of anarchy and disorder among wealthy conservatives
  3. the increasing separation of church and state
  4. Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, and Alexander Hamilton
  5. legislation passed by an alliance of jefferson and the baptists that disestablished the anglican church

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  1. Shays rebellionscared conservatives and made them determined to strengthen the central government agaaisnt debtors


  2. One way that American independence actually harmed the nations economic fortunes was bythe poorer debtors and farmers


  3. The weakness of the articles of confederationnearly bankrupted the national government and invited assaults on American interests by foreign powers


  4. Republican Motherhoodthe idea that American women had a special responsibility to cultivate civic virtue in their children


  5. Articles of confederationa masterly series of pro-constitution articles printed in new york by Jay, Madison, and Hamiltion