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Diagnostic Quiz

Performance on tasks depends on arousal level as well as the type of task. For optimal arousal on an EASY task,:

relatively high arousal is best.

Performance on tasks depends on arousal level as well as the type of task. For optimal arousal on a difficult or unrehearsed task,:

relatively low arousal is best.

Maxine smells coffee brewing in the morning and, really, it is the only reason she is willing to get out of bed. In this situation, the coffee is a(n):


A five-year-old child is very wary of trying a new lamb stew. He is also not that excited about trying frog legs. This avoidance of unfamiliar foods:

was adaptive for our human ancestors by protecting them from toxic substances.

_____ is a protein secreted by fat cells and, when abundant, causes the brain to increase metabolism and decrease hunger.


According to research by _____, one reason a person feels hungry is because of stomach pangs.

L. Washburn and Walter Cannon

Assessing the impact of different management styles on the motivation and productivity of employees illustrates the professional concerns of _____ psychologists.


Tina's best friend is applying to graduate school, but only at the best schools in the country. He has always had a great desire for attaining a high standard and significant accomplishment. According to Henry Murray, he could be classified as someone with:

high achievement motivation.

If people who are aroused by watching rock videos are then insulted, their feelings of anger will be greater than those of people who have been similarly provoked but were not previously aroused. This is BEST explained by the:

Schachter-Singer two-factor theory.

Highly emotional people are intense partly because of their interpretations. They may _____ events as being somehow directed at them, and they may _____ their experiences by exaggerating single incidents.

personalize; generalize

Gale looks down while sitting at the top of the Ferris wheel. She immediately feels her heart start to pound, and she simultaneously experiences fear. Which theory BEST explains this emotional response?

Cannon-Bard theory

A train is rapidly approaching, and Antonio's car stalls in the middle of the railroad tracks. His emotional arousal is likely to be accompanied by:

dilation of his pupils.

According to Carroll Izard, there are 10 basic emotions that humans experience, and most of these are present during infancy. Which is one of these basic emotions?


Activation of the sympathetic nervous system:

decreases salivation and increases blood pressure.

According to the text, emotionality is truer of women, a perception expressed by nearly 100 percent of _____ Americans.

18 to 29-year-old

_____ suggested that people can stimulate the subjective experience of cheerfulness simply by acting as if they are already cheerful.

William James

Vicky thinks two of her friends are highly compatible, so she is trying to get them together. Which action might help to get them interested in each other?

Have them gaze into each other's eyes for a couple of minutes.

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