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Learned to calibrate and operate a conductivity machine
1. Clean measuring instrument
2. Prepare a calibrating solution
3. Record accurate data


Extracting K, Ca, Mg, and Na from a soil solution mixture
1. Use analytical balance to measure soil
2. Operation of IKA Labortechnik
3. Filter to get solution for analysis


Cross-breed cotton plant
1. Identify flower ready to bloom
2. Emasculate this flower
3. Bring a specific flower to pollinate the first


Write a scientific paper
Parts: Abstract, Introduction, Hypothesis, Materials and Method, Results and Discussion, References, Appendix


Rate Fusarium wilt in cotton plants
*Use scale of zero to nine for level of infection
*Send to laboratory for verification


Plant map cotton plants in order to use the information to determine the amount of Plant Growth Regulator (PGR) to apply.

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