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Test on Wednesday October 13

1 scientific method

posing questions

2 scientific method

developing a hypothesis

3 scientific method

designing an experiment

4 scientific method

interpreting data

5 scientific method

drawing conclusions


a possible explanation for a set of observations or answer to a scientific question. Educated guess


any factor that can change in an experiment

Manipulated variable

the factor that you can change

responding variable

the factor that chasnges as a result of the manipulated variable. is what you measure or observe to obtain your results

controlled experiment

an experiment in which all factors except one are kept contant is called. most of these include a test called the control

operational definition

is a statement that describes how a particular variable is to be measured or how a term is to be defined.


the observations and measurements you make in an experiment are called.


is a statement that sums up what you have learned from an experiment.

SI measurement

the standard system of measurement used by scientists around the world is known as.


The basic unit measurement of length


The basic unit measurement of Liquid volume


The basic unit measurement of mass

Celsius scale

a tool used to measure the temperature of a substance.


using mathematical operations

base unit length


base unit mass


base unit volume



the distance between two points

Liquid volume

the amount of space it takes up


the amount of matter in an object

tools used for length

metric rulers and meter sticks

tools used for volume

graduated cylinders

tools used for mass

a balance

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