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Three I's of police selection

Three qualities of the american police officer that seem to be of paramount importance: intelligence, integrity, and interaction skills

College academies

school where student pursue a program that intergrates an associates degree. curriculum in law enforcement of in criminal justice with the state required peace office training.

Police saftey officers

police department employees who perform many police service but do not have arrest powers

Tech prep (technical preparation)

a program in which area community colleges and high schools team to offers 6 to 9 hours of college law enforcement courses in the eleventh and twelfth grade, as well as one or two training certificates, such as police dispatcher of local correction officer, people who graduate are eligible for police emploment at age 18

Merit system

a system of employment whereby an independent civil service commision, in coorpration with the city personal section and the police department, set employment qualifications, performance standard, and descipline procedure.


the exercise of individual judgement, instead of formal rules, in making decisions.

Full enforcement

practice in which the police make an arrest for every violation of law that comes to there attention

Selective enforcement

the practice of relying on the judgement of the police leadership and rank-and-file officers to decide which laws to enforce

Racial Profiling-

the stopping and/or detaining of individual by law enforcement officers based soely on race.

Job stress

the harmful physical and emotional outcomees that occur when the requirement of the job do not match the capabilities, resources, or needs of workers.


a form of suicide in which a person gets fatally shot after intentionally provoking police officers.

Excessive force

A measure of coercion beyond the necessary to control participate in a conflict.

Grass eaters

officers who occasionally engage in unethical activities, such as accepting small favors, gifts of money for ignoring violation of the law during the course of there duties

Meat eaters-

officer who actively see new ways to make money illegally while in duty.

internal affair investigation unit-

the police unit that ferrets out illegal and unethical activity engaged in by the police

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