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which of the following does not have one of the romance languages as its official language: Albania, France, Ireland
Name the oil-rich sea between the United Kingdom and Norway that helps make these countries the leading oil producers in Western Europe
North Sea
Which mountain range separates Spain from France
Many Irish immigrated to the United States in the mid-1800s because of the failure of what crop?
Although the Mayflower landed in 1620 in what later became Massachusetts, its intended destination was a colony farther south in what present-day state?
Boats called gondolas are used as a means of transportation in which European city?
Poland's most important seaport and shipbuilding center was called Danzig when it was under German control. The city is now known by what name?
The Maginot Line, a fortified line of defense constructed after World War I, ran along the eastern border of which European country?
Cortes is credited with introducing the cacao bean, from which chocolate is made, to Europe. The people of what civilization gave these beans to Cortes?
If you were watching the running of the bulls in Pamplona, which Mediterranean country would you be visiting?
11. What three lands make up Great Britain?
Scotland, England, and Wales
12. Hadrian's Wall, built by the Early Romans, still stands today in which place?
Border of Scotland and England
13. What is Europe's second longest river?
The Danube River.
14. What is Europe's longest river?
The Volga River.
15. The French call this waterway La Manche, which means "the sleeve." What do the English call it?
The English Channel
16. The Ancient name for the city of London, England, was Londinium. Which group of people gave the city this name?
The Romans
17. The Principality of Monaco is located on the coastline of what body of water?
The Mediterranean Sea
18. The world's smallest independent state is ruled by the head of the Roman Catholic Church. What is the name of this tiny state?
Vatican City
19. Name the group of British islands that lies just off the northwest coast of France?
The Channel Islands
20. Name the four largest countries in the world in total area, from largest to the smallest
Russia, Canada, United States, China
21. In terms of area, Ukraine is the largest country that is located entirely within which continent?
22. The Ural Mountains form the western boundary for which continent?
23.Which river is a tributary of the Danube? Volga, Rhine or Drava.
24.In the Treaty of Tordesillas, Spain and Portugal settled their conflict over lands in the New World using a dividing line near which line of longitude?
25.Which of these countries has the northernmost capital city? Norway, Iran, Japan.
26.Which strategically located Mediterranean island was an important British naval base until 1979?
27.The residents of which European capital city are descendants of the Lusitanian people?
28.What word, adapted from the Greek language, refers to a government run by just a few people?
29. Lyon, the capital of Roman Gaul, is found in the eastern region of which country?
30. The political regions of Flanders and Wallonia demonstrate the ethnic heritages of which European country?
31. In which Canadian province would you see glacially carved inlets called fjords?
British Columbia
Sumerians are often credited with inventing a method for manufacturing soap. This ancient civilization flourished between the Tigris and which other Middle East river?
The chain of lakes that makes up the world's largest area of fresh water is on which continent?
North America
In Ireland and Scotland, what natural resource is cut from bogs and used for fuel?
The United States is mostly in which two hemispheres?
The Western Hemisphere and the Northern Hemisphere
To visit the ruins of Machu Picchu, a fortified city built by the Inca, you would have to travel high into the Andes in which country?
Fir, larch, pine, and spruce are the principal trees of the northernmost coniferous forest. What term is used for such northern forests?
The Mackenzie River, Great Slave Lake, and Great Bear Lake are all in which area of Canada?
Northwest Territories
Which Canadian province recognizes French as its only official language?
The Grand Banks, off the southeastern coast of Canada, are most famous for which resource?
Islands that make up the Lesser Antilles separate the Atlantic Ocean from
which other body of water?
Caribbean Sea
Most of the world's earliest civilizations developed in river valleys on which continent?
The use of what kind of energy helps make Reykjavik, Iceland, one of the
world's cleanest cities?
Which of the following states was not on the Oregon Trail? Oregon,
Tennessee, Wyoming.
Which state is not part of the Four Corners? Utah, New Mexico, Idaho.
"Pampas" is a term used for temperate grasslands on which continent?
South America
Kurdish and Persian languages are spoken by people in the southwestern
part of which continent?
On which continent would you find the longest mountain system above sea
level and the southernmost city in the world?
South America
The Yenisey-Angara river system is the second longest river system on
which continent?
Couscous is a popular dish from the northern part of which continent?