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  1. Japanese Internment was constitutional because individual or group rights may be limited to protect "national security"
  2. When the US invaded Nazi-occupied Normandy, France and opened a 2nd front in the West. Now Hitler fought Soviets in the East and US/Britain in the West.
  3. International peace-keeping organization founded after WWII and joined by the USA. Unlike the League of Nations which the US did not join after WWI, the actions of Nazi Germany and Japan as well as the the threat of the Soviet Union showed that the USA could no longer remain neutral and isolated.
  4. Isolationism
  5. Japanese sneak attack that led to US involvement in WWII
  6. Two cities that the US dropped atomic bombs on in order to end war with Japan during WWII. Some believe it was also a warning to the Communist Soviet Union.

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  1. "Arsenal of Democracy"Effort in the 1930s to avoid making the same mistakes that got the USA into WWI


  2. 2 Front WarCaused in WWII by the USA being forced to fight the Nazis/Italy in the "Atlantic Theater" and the Japanese in the "Pacific Theater"


  3. Manhattan ProjectTop secret program to build an atomic bomb


  4. Yalta ConferenceMeeting between Stalin, Truman and Churchill about dividing up Germany and led to the Cold War


  5. Atlantic CharterAgreement between the US and Great Britain that became the basis for the United Nations (UN)


  6. Nuremberg TrialsHeld the Nazi and Japanese leaders responsible for war crime in WWII