On the Sidewalk Bleeding Test Review

21 terms by teacherwithclass

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True or False:
Jeff is the name of the main character


True or False:
A rival gang member shot the boy


True or False:
The story most likely takes place in Cleveland


True or False:
Andy thinks about his girlfriend as he is laying on the sidewalk


True or False:
At first Andy does not know that he is dying


True or False:
The first person to find Andy is a homeless women


True or False:
Andy is a member of a gang called the Guardians


True or False:
Andy is sixteen-years-old


True or False:
Laura tells Andy that she loves him right before he dies


True or False:
The Guardian's gang color is purple


True or False:
The police officer seems to feel bad that Andy is dead

11:20 p.m.

At what time was Andy stabbed?

A Royal

What did the police officer refer to Andy as at the end of the story?

A member of the Guardians

Who is most likely to have stabbed Andy?

A firefighter

Which of the following is NOT a person who came into the alley where Andy was laying:
A drunk man
A firefighter
A bag lady
A cop

To get cigs

Why did Andy leave Laura?

It isn't personal

What is the significance of the voice saying "That's for you, Royal!" instead of "That's for you, Andy!" (Be prepared to provide a more in depth explanation on the test)

He wants to be Andy and not some gang member

What is the significance of Andy removing his purple jacket before he dies. (Be prepared to provide a more in depth explanation on the test)

Laura thinks of Andy as a person, and the cop sees Andy as a gang banger

At the end of the story, what is the significance of Laura calling Andy by his name and the police officer calling Andy "a Royal?"


Who does not want Freddie to get help for Andy?

41 minutes

How long was Andy on the sidewalk before Laura found him?

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