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  1. He wants to be Andy and not some gang member
  2. A firefighter
  3. 41 minutes
  4. False
  1. a What is the significance of Andy removing his purple jacket before he dies. (Be prepared to provide a more in depth explanation on the test)
  2. b How long was Andy on the sidewalk before Laura found him?
  3. c Which of the following is NOT a person who came into the alley where Andy was laying:
    A drunk man
    A firefighter
    A bag lady
    A cop
  4. d True or False:
    Andy is a member of a gang called the Guardians

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  1. True or False:
    Laura tells Andy that she loves him right before he dies
  2. True or False:
    A rival gang member shot the boy
  3. True or False:
    Andy thinks about his girlfriend as he is laying on the sidewalk
  4. True or False:
    At first Andy does not know that he is dying
  5. True or False:
    The story most likely takes place in Cleveland

5 True/False questions

  1. FalseTrue or False:
    Jeff is the name of the main character


  2. FalseTrue or False:
    The first person to find Andy is a homeless women


  3. 11:20 p.m.How long was Andy on the sidewalk before Laura found him?


  4. To get cigsTrue or False:
    Andy is sixteen-years-old


  5. AngelaWho does not want Freddie to get help for Andy?