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  1. What are ovarian cancer risks?
  2. How does the os of a multiparous woman vary from a nulliparous woman
  3. A non tender mass in the bartholin glands is an indicator of a bartholin cyst, which is the result of what?
  4. what are the risks for cervical cancer
  5. the cervix should protrude ___-__ cm into the vagina and anything more can indicaate a pelvic or uterine mass
  1. a early menarche, infertility, nulliparity, number of menstrual cycles in lifetime, use of fertility drugs, personal history, BRCA1 or 2, white women, HRT, bad diet
  2. b a multiparous woman would have a slit-like os and a nulliparous woman should have a circular os
  3. c 1-3cm
  4. d lack of screening, HPV, sexual intercourse before 16 and multiple sex partners, diet low in fruit and veggies, higher in blacks and Hispanics, mothers who took DES, oral contraceptives,
  5. e chronic inflammation

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  1. STI
  2. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
  3. smooth and thick. Unless pregnant.
  4. lack of circumcision with failure to maintain good hygiene, phimosis, HPV, age, smoking
  5. older than 50, black, family history of prostate cancer, diet high in animal fat, physical inactivity, high level of exposure to androgens

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  1. PID could be a serious complication of some what?increased varicosity, pregnancy


  2. describe the labia minoracan be symmetrical or assymmetrical and the inner surface should be moist and dark pink


  3. Discoloration or tenderness of the labia minora could indicatetraumatic bruising


  4. What is it called when the uterus descends into or beyond the vaginal wall?cervix


  5. where should the cervix be located?pink.


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