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  1. 409.03
  2. 409.03(c)
  3. 409.03(d)
  4. 409.03(g)
  5. 401
  1. a Legal Representative of Deceased Inventor Not Available
  2. b U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Cannot Aid in Selection of Attorney
  3. c Proof of Unavailability or Refusal
  4. d Proof of Irreparable Damage
  5. e Unavailability of Inventor

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  1. Correspondence held wit Associate Attorney
  2. Correspondence--With Whom Held
  3. Statement of Last Known Address
  4. Exception in Some Foreign Countries
  5. At Least One Joint Inventor Available

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  1. 405Death, Legal Incapacity, or Unavailability of Inventor


  2. 407Suspended or Excluded >Patent< Practitioner


  3. 402.10Application in Interference


  4. 402.06Assignee Can Revoke Power of Attorney of Applicant and Appoint New Power of Attorney


  5. 406>Patent Practitioner< Not of Record