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  1. 707.06
  2. 714.04
  3. 711
  4. 714.12
  5. 713.07
  1. a Amendments and Other Replies After Final Rejection or Action
  2. b Exposure of Other Cases
  3. c Claims Presented in Amendment With No Attempt to Point Out Patentable Novelty
  4. d Abandonment of Patent Application
  5. e Citation of Decisions Orders, Memorandomms, and Notices

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  1. Suspension of Action
  2. Rejection of Previously Allowed Claims
  3. Amendments Not Fully Responsive, Action To Be Taken
  4. Swearing Back of Reference--Affidavit or Declaration Under 37 CFR 1.131
  5. Who May Make Affidavit or Declaration; Formal Requirements of Affidavits and Declarations

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  1. 713.01General Policy, How Conducted


  2. 724.02Examiner Determination of Prima Facie Showing


  3. 710Abandonment of Patent Application


  4. 707.01Primary Examiner Indicates Action for New Assistant


  5. 718Affidavit or Declaration to Disqualify Commonly Owned Patent as Prior Art, 37 CFR 1.130


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