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  1. 706.01
  2. 715.04
  3. 714.25
  4. 707.08
  5. 719.05
  1. a Discourtesy of Applicant or Attorney
  2. b Field of Search
  3. c Contrasted With Objections
  4. d Reviewing and Initialing by Assistant Examiner
  5. e Who May Make Affidavit or Declaration; Formal Requirements of Affidavits and Declarations

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  1. Overlapping Applications by Same Applicant or Owned by Same Assignee
  2. Allegations of Unexpected results
  3. How much of the Claimed Invention Must Be Shown, Including the General Rule as to Generic Claims
  4. Long-felt Need and Failure of Others
  5. Method of Submitting Trade Secret, Proprietary, and/pr Protective Order Materials

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  1. 704.11Date


  2. 716.03Commericial Success


  3. 714.20List of Amendments Entered in Part


  4. 707.05Rejection After Allowance of Application


  5. 706.03Rejections Not Based on Prior Art


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