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  1. 716.03
  2. 719.05
  3. 714.14
  4. 724.01
  5. 715.03
  1. a Field of Search
  2. b Commericial Success
  3. c Amendments After Allowance of All Claims
  4. d Completeness of the Patent File Wrapper
  5. e Genus-Species, Practice Relative to Cases Where Predictability Is in Question

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  1. Citation of Decisions Orders, Memorandomms, and Notices
  2. Express or Formal Abandonment
  3. List of Amendments Entered in Part
  4. How much of the Claimed Invention Must Be Shown, Including the General Rule as to Generic Claims
  5. Instructions re Patentability Reports

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  1. 715.04Passed Upon by Primary Examiner


  2. 715.07Facts and Documentary Evidence


  3. 713.04Substance of Interview Must Be Made of Record


  4. 713.08Demonstration, Exhibits, Models


  5. 724.05Types of Trade Secret, Proprietary, and/pr Protective Order Materials Submitted Under MPEP Sec. 724.02