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  1. The large bone that makes up the forehead and supplies the upper edge and roof of the orbit (eye socket).The bone articulates (comes together) with a number of other bones including the parietal, nasal, ethmoid, maxillary, and zygomatic bones.
  2. The group of eight bones forming the joint between the forearm and the hand. Also called wrist.
  3. shoulder blade; the flat, triangular bone in the back of the shoulder.
  4. The part of the temporal bone of the skull that forms the prominence of the cheek.

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  1. MetacarpalsFive cylindrical bones extending from the wrist to the fingers.


  2. Claviclethe bone of the lower jaw.


  3. Femurthe bone in the leg that extends from the hip to the knee.


  4. Maxillathe major bone of the upper jaw


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