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Year Council of Trent Ended


Baroque- Catholic or Protestant?


Baroque Artists

Bernini, Rubens

Best politique

elizabeth i of england


french protestants

who captured french king francis I in 1525

emperor charles v

Henry II - country, family, religion, death, daughter was to marry

France, Valois, Catholic, died in lance battle, 13 year old daughter was to marry philip II (son of charles v and heir to spanish hapsburg lands

edict of chateaubriand 1551

against protestants

treaty of cateau-cambresis 1559

ended hapsburg-valois wars

Francis II - father, age, mother

Henry II, 15, Catherine de Medicis

Bourbon Family

south and west, protestant

Montmorency-Chatillons Family

center, protestant

Guises Family

East, catholic

Francis duke of Guise

Henry II's general

Mary Stuart- Queen of Scots

wife of Francis II

two major regions where huguenots were a majority of the population

dauphine and languedoc

Theodore Beza

John Calvin's friend

st bartholomew's day massare


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