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The Exodus: God in action

Of all the mighty events that the Hebrews claimed God did in their history, this one event, God's deliveranceof the children of Israel from egyptian slavery, stands out as the MAIN EVENT in Hebrew history. This event descrobes most succinctly the character of God. God acts to deliver them from oppression.

The Tenth Plague

The Plague of death. A story about which god is most powerful.. pharoah is the god of the egyptians, and yahweh the god of the hebrews.

The Passover

Blood on the outside doorpost: (lambs blood on doorpost = Israelites) this was a sign of obedience and trust.
Symbolic Meal (first passover meal): - bitter herbs/ no leftovers
- eaten in haste (unleavened bread and dressed to travel)
(this points to Jesus)

the yam suph

the sea of reeds. AKA: red sea.

10 Commandments

body of 10 different principles that distinguished israelites as gods people.



Exodus 19:5


Royal suzerain

this is where the 10 commandments came into play. ( on arrow diagram)

What completes the covenant?

Jesus death.

"contingency" in Exodus 19

the "if..then" language..

Exodus 12- 15

this is the moses story in the Bible.

Exodus 12

The lords instructions for passover.

1200 BC

Invasion of Canaan. Led by Joshua.


Led the israelites out of Sinail wilderness, across the Jordan river and into the land of canaan.

Land of Canaan

the land promised to abraham 750 years earlier.


one of the finest judges to ever lead the the tribes of israel. (when the leaders decided it was time for a king they approached Samuel to help them)


God reluctantly directed Samuel to name saul as the FIRST KING OF ISRAEL.


the second king of the "united kingdom of Israel"


one of Davids best soldiers. Husband to Bathsheeba.
He was killed, by being placed on the frontlines of battle. This was to cover up David knocking up Bathsheeba.


wife to Uriah. Got knocked up by David.


Davids son. He succeeded David and temporarily ruled effectively yet he too even more blatantly failed to serve God and Gods people. Rather, he served his own self centered hunger for power and wealth.

587 BC- destruction of Jerusalem

israel was punished by God for it's national failure.


(modern day Iraq) the israelites lived as political exiles here for 50 years.


during the period of destruction and national grief the prophet Jeremiah challenged the Babylonian exiles with a 3 fold message.

3 fold message

1) God would not give up on the covenant.
2) someday in the future God would renew (grow) the covenant.
3) the renewed covenant would in some way be like the old covenant because it would include references to the law of moses.

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