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  1. 1853
  2. 1864.04
  3. 1843.03
  4. 1846
  5. 1865.01
  1. a No Search Required if Claims Are Unclear
  2. b Agent's Right To Act
  3. c Sections of the Articles, Regulations, and Administrative Instructions Under the PCT Relevant to the ISA
  4. d Amendment Under PCT Article 19
  5. e The EPO as an International Preliminary Examining Authority

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  1. Change in or Revocation of the Appointment of an Agent or a Common Representative
  2. Sequence Listings and Tables Related to Sequence Listings
  3. Nucleotide and/or Amino Acid Sequence Listings, and Tables Related to Sequence Listings
  4. Determination if International Preliminary Examinations Is Required and Possible
  5. Reply to the Written Opinion of the ISA or IPEA

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  1. 1827PCT Member States


  2. 1862Agreement With the International Bureau To Serve as and International Preliminary Examining Authority


  3. 1843The International Search


  4. 1817.02Designation of States in the IA Having and International Filing Date On or After January 1, 2004


  5. 1834Correspondence