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TrueYour parents may have other responsibilities within the community.willJesus said, "Whosoever shall do the of God is my brother and my sister, and mother." (Mark 3:35)FalseA love more important to Abraham than his love for his family was his love for his possessions.TrueGod sees even adults as being His children.worthyJesus said, "He that loveth father or mother more than me is not of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me." (Matthew 10:37)relateTo share a relationship with another person; to share thoughts and ideas.apprenticeshipLearning a craft from an expert or master craftsman.organized activitiesPlanning activities to bring the family together..To share thoughts and emotions.interactformal relationshipsTeaching by example.TrueFormal relationships sometimes involve rewards and punishments.FalseFormal instruction is teaching by example.FalseFormal instruction is not intentional.TrueFamily mealtime is an example of an organized activity.TrueTeaching good manners is usually a form of formal instruction.FalseFormal instruction is not necessary for teaching chores.TrueSpiritual instruction is a form of formal instruction.TrueAttitude is a way of thinking, acting, or feeling about another person or thing.FalsePeople naturally see themselves as they really are.FalsePeople can become parents without children.TrueParents shape the behavior of their children.FalseChildren never affect the behavior of their parents.FalseJesus said that before one attempts to remove the splinter from another's eye, he must first wash his hands.How is the family like a team?The family works together toward a common goal. Each member is needed to do his part in helping the family to reach its goals and to meet its needs.growth development wisdom spiritual awarenessWhat major goals do the Biblical examples of Solomon and Jesus give for the family?instinctNatural or inherent aptitude or behavior is calledFalseSea turtles lay their eggs on the floor of the sea.FalseSea turtles lay less than five eggs each nesting season.FalseDogs or other intruders can easily distract a nesting sea turtle.TrueSea turtles do not watch over their eggs.TrueThe word parent cannot be limited to human parents.a weekAbout how long do songbirds work to build their nests?ten daysAfter young songbirds leave the nest, they must still be fed by their parents for about:a home food protectionThe basic parental activities of birds include providing:FalseLions build complex dens for their cubs.FalseThe lioness never leaves the den until her cubs are full grown.TrueThe family group of lions is called the pride.TrueLion cubs must learn to be aggressive.TrueWhen a kill is made, the male lion eats first.FalseThe lion, lioness, and cubs share in eating the meat at the same time.TrueLion cubs learn rapidly to hunt and kill other animals for food.Cultureis the customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits of a racial, religious, or social group.TrueThe period of life between about age twelve to adulthood is called give birth to children to provide food and shelter for their children to teach their childrenThe function(s) of human parents include:They cannot do anything for themselves except open their mouths to be fed.Newborn human babies are like baby songbirds because:lengthening the period of childhood for humans so that the child learns necessary living skillsGod has ensured that children get more attention in their childhood than animals do by:FalseHumans have many natural instincts which make learning easy.TrueGod has given humans a capacity to think and to learn far beyond the abilities of the animal kingdom.FalseThe government is your most important teacher.FalseAnimals can teach spiritual awareness to their young.TrueCooperation, honesty, and friendliness should be taught first at home by the parents.Train, way, turn, departProverbs 22:6 says, "up a child in the he should go: and when he is old, he will not from it."by instruction in the Scriptures by being an example of dedicationWhat are two important ways in which parents teach spiritual awareness to their children?TrueHaving favorites is called favoritism.FalseMarriage in which a spouse has less than two mates at the same time is called polygamy.SarahWho matches the description? She was very old when her son was born.MaryWho matches the description? She went to the temple in Jerusalem to look for her son.RachelWho matches the description? She was the mother of Joseph, Jacob's son.AbrahamWho matches the description? He demonstrated his faith in God when he was willing to sacrifice his only son.MaryWho matches the description? According to your Bible reading, she was the mother who fled to Egypt to protect her son.IsraelWho matches the description? Jacob was also called by this name.IsaacWho matches the description? His parents were Abraham and Sarah.JosephWho matches the description? His father showed favoritism toward him.JacobWho matches the description? He had twelve sons.SarahWho matches the description? She laughed with joy when her son was born.JosephWho matches the description? His brothers were jealous of him.Foreshadowindicates something that is to come.TrueThe story of Abraham and Sarah makes clear that Yahweh is the giver of life.father, GodMalachi 2:10: "Have we not all one ?hath not one created us? why do we deal treacherously every man against his brother, by profaning the covenant of our fathers?"children, those, them, fearPsalm 103:13: "Like as a father pitieth his so the LORD pitieth that HimTrueThe story of Joseph, the son of Jacob and Rachel, illustrates that the protection and safety of the child is in the Heavenly Father's hands.TrueThe Hebrews believed that the name of Yahweh was too sacred to pronounce.FalseThe Hebrews used only one name for God in the Old Testament.FalseThe word that Jesus used for His Father is used many times in the Old Testament.FalseMalachi did not express the fatherly nature of God.TrueThe concept of God as Father was foreshadowed in the Old Testament.