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3 Unique Factors of Magazines

1. facilitate for their readers the creation of both personal identity and communities of shared interest.
2. the "journalistic distance" between producer and consumer is far shorter
3. Narrower casting

3 Functions of Early Woman Magazines

1. encouraged a broader readership among women
2. they provided important outlets for new women writers
3. they laid the foundations for the character of many contemporary women's magazines


Commonly small circulation publication of original or appropriated texts and images

National Geographic

magazine driven by photography

Pulp Magazines

inexpensive 10 cent fiction magazines

Readers Digest

First of its kind. Glossy pages instead of the more traditional rough pages. Short concise articles, simple pics.

Life Magazine

created by Luce with a big format, photo essay display


famous for muckraker stories. Highlighted issues previously given only local attention. Nationalized local news

Ad Sales Careers

Top Magazine career area. Defined by high pressure and market fluctuations. make the proper match between magazines, readers, and the business and organizations that want to reach them

Circulation Careers

get magazines into the hands of the readers

Editorial Careers

the heart of the magazine. Cover topics, build mags identity and nurtures readers loyalty

Production Careers

duties comprise responsibilities for every phase of putting a magazine together, including the printing

Ida B. Wells

Worked to end all manner of abuses for African Americans

Upton Sinclair

Researched the Meat Packing Industry
Magazine: The Appeal to Reason
Novel: the Jungle

Edwin Markham

wrote on children of the poor
Articles in Cosmo

John H. Johnson

Published Negro Digest. Launched Ebony and Jet Depicting lastest news on African Americans

Abraham Cahan

wrote about working class families in the Jewish Daily Forward.

Lincoln Steffens

wrote for magazine - McClure's
Exposed political abuses in American City Government

Ida Tarbell

Spent years investigating abuses of standard oil and rockefeller

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