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Here is a list of the Latin phrases we went over from the first marking period.

acta est fabula

it's all over, literally "the drama has been acted out"

ad vitam

for life

a mensa et toro

from bed and board, kind of divorce, a separation of parties by an act of law


goddess of the morning



ecce homo

behold the man

in camera

in private, literally "in a chamber"


he or she speaks, a stage direction abbreviated loq.

mortui non mordent

dead men carry no tales literally "dead men don't bite"

non bis in idem

not twice for the same thing


here and there, a scholarly reference also translated as "in various places"

qui docet discit

he who teaches, learns

Senatus Populusque Romanus

the Roman Senate and People abbreviated SPQR and is symbolic of Rome's Constitution

sub vero

under the word, used for making a cross reference to an entry in another portion of text

sine ira

without anger

terra es terram ibis

dust you are and to dust you will return


namely, that is to say, or as follows, literally means "it is permitted to see"

vive hodie

live today, it is not wise to say I'll live tomorrow as tomorrow is for living tomorrow

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