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Caused farmers to recieve low prices for crops

Unregulated stock market

Led to practices such as speculation, buying on a margin and abuse of credit which casued "Black Tuesday"

"Black Tuesday"

Stock market crash, immediate cause of the great depression

Causes of the Dust Bowl

Overproduction & Drought

Location of he Dust Bowl

Mid West

President Hoover

Rebublican who was blamed for the Great Depression


Shantytowns were the unemployed lived

Bonus Army

WWI veterans who were mistreated by Hoover

Deficit Spending

When the govt. spends more money than it takes in by taxes, causes a national debt

Federal Depository Insurance Corp (FDIC)

Restored people's faith in the bank by insuring deposits up to $100,000

Securities Exchange Commision (SEC)

Regulated the stock market and restored the faith of investors

New Deal

FDR's social service programs that helped the poor and raised the national debt


Alphabet Agencies that addressed the issue of unemployment

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