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synovial cavity

space between articulating bones is called _____

synovial cavity, c.t., fibrous, cartilaginous, synovial

structural classification of joints 1. presence or the absence of ________ 2 the type of ____ that holds the bones together. 3 types of structural classification of joints, ___________

fibrous joint, sutures,interosseous membranes syndesmosis

joint with no synovial cavity, bones are held together by dense irregular ct , this joint permits little or no movement. there are 3 types _________

cartilaginous, symphyses and synchondroses

joint with no synovial cavity, bones are held together with cartilage ( hyaline or fibrocartilage) is _______ there are 2 types ______

synovial joints , diarthrosis

a joint with the presence of space between bones known as __________. all synovial joints are classified as ______

degree of movement, synarthrosis- immovable, amphiarthrosis- slightly moveable , diarthrosis- freely moveable

joints are functionally classified by their _________ there are 3 types ________

synovial joints

diarthrosis joints are joints that are freely moveable and the only joints within this classification Are the ________


all synovial okints are functionally classified as _____


synarthrosis is a joint that is _____

slightly moveable

amphiarthrosis is a joint that is

freely moveable

diarthrosis is a joint that is

1 suture. 2. gomphosis. 3. synchondrosis. 4. synostosis

4 types of joints falling under the functional classification of synarthrosis

1. syndesmosis. 2. symphysis

2 types of joints falling under the functional classifications of amphiarthrosis

gliding, hinge, pivot,ellipsoidal-condyloid,saddle,ball and socket

6 type of joint falls under the functional classification of diarthrosis.

suture, synarthrosis,skull bones

a fibrous joint composed of a thin layer of dense irregular ct is ______ it is functionally classified as _______. and is found only between _______

synchondrosis, synarthrosis, growth plate, sternocostal joint

a cartilaginous joint with hyaline cartilage as the connective tissue is ______ it is functionally classified as ______it is found in the

synostosis, synarthrosis, frontal bone grows in halves that join together by age 6

a suture present in childhood that is replaced with bone in An adult is __________ the functional classification is ________ example. is that the ____________

syndesmosis, amphiarthrosis, distal tibiafibular joint

a fibrous joint where there is greater distance between articulating surfaces and more dense irregular tissue than in a suture is _-------------' it is functionally classified as ___________ and is located in the

symphysis, amphiarthrosis, pubic symphises, junction of the manubrium and body of sternum,intervertebral joints

a cartilaginous joint where the ends of bones are covered with hyaline but a broad flat disc of fibrocartilage connects the bones is _______ it is classified functionally as ________ and is found in ________

synovial, long bones where articular cartilage is present

diarthrosis joints are freely moveable joints they are _______ joints. they can be found in the __________

mono axial, pivot hinge

_________ diarthrosis allows motion around a single axis , such as ____ and ____ joints

biaxial, conyloid or ellipsoidal

______ allows motion around 2 axis. such as -----------_ joints

triaxial, saddle. ball and socket

______ allow motion around 3 axis such as. ____ and ___ joints

flexion and extension , flexion and extension and abbductionband addiction, flexion and extension, abduction and addiction and rotation

mono axial joint only allow ______ movement biaxial joint allows ______ and ____ movement triaxial joints allow _____ , ______ and ______ movement

gliding joints, intertarsals and intercarpals

simple movement of flat bones , moving back and forth and size to side , limited range of motion, is what type of diarthrosis_________, these joints are found in ______

hinge, flexion nd distention, knee, elbow ankle

a joint where the concave surface of one bone fits into the convex surface of another bone is a ________ this joint permits only ______ being mono axial , and is found in the ______

pivot, mono axial, radioulnar and atlantoaxial

a jont where a rounded or pointed surface of one bone articulates with a ring formed partly by another bone and partly by a ligament. this joint allows only extension and flexion so it is a ______ joint. examples are _________

ellipsoidal,flexion and distention and abduction and addiction, wrist and metacarpalphalangeal joints 1- v

a joint where the convex oval shape of one bone fits into oval shaped depression of another is ________ this joint is biaxial allowing__________ and _____ movement examples are the _________ and _____

saddle, triaxial, carpometacarpal

a joint where an articular surface of one bone is saddle shaped and the surface of another bone fits into the saddle, _______ this joint is ______ and includes the joint bw the thumb and the trapezium called ______

ball and socket, acetabulum , glenoid cavity of the scapula, glenohumeral,

a joint where a ball like surface of one bone fits into the cup like depression of another bone________some examples are the femur sits in the _____and the humerus sits in the ____

1 surrounds synovial joint, 2 encloses synovial cavity,3 unites articulating bones

3 important parts functions of articular capsule

outer fibrous, inner synovial membrane

name the 2 layers of the articular capsule


the outer fibrous layer of articular capsule attaches to the ______ of articulating bones

1. subdivide the synovial cavity allowing separate movements in each cavity, 2 allow 2 bones of different sizes to fit together more tightly 3. helps maintain stability of joint

functions of the articular disc or menisci

bursae, shoulder or knee

sac like structure found in some joints to reduce friction is ______ such as ____

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