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  1. One of the most effective weapons the president has to influence the content of legislation is the
  2. Who does the Constitution give the power to declare war?
  3. Presidents often prefer to negotiate executive agreements rather than treaties because
  4. What is it called if the president shortens a federal prison sentence?
  5. The president can erase the guilt and restore the rights of anyone convicted of a federal crime, except an impeached president, through the
  1. a power to veto legislation
  2. b commutation
  3. c Congress
  4. d pardon power.
  5. e executive agreements do not need the consent of the Senate.

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  1. All of the above
  2. limited power to appoint or remove government officials.
  3. although Congress passed a law granting presidents the power, the Supreme Court ruled the act unconstitutional.
  4. perjury.
  5. House of Representatives

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  1. How many presidents have been impeached?All of the above


  2. Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution stipulates that the president, vice president, and all civil officers (including cabinet secretaries and federal judges) are subject to removal for:II


  3. The Constitution gives the vice presidentreport to Congress on the "State of the Union."


  4. One of the few presidential powers that Congress may not limit is the power togives civilian control over the military.


  5. The roles of chief diplomat and commander in chief affords the president tremendous power overforeign affairs.