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  1. A presidential _______________ is usually expressed as the percentage of the American public who say the president is doing a good job.
  2. In October 1973, Congress passed the _______________ which states that the president cannot send troops into military conflict for more than ninety days without seeking a formal declaration of war from Congress.
  3. The president can erase the guilt and restore the rights of anyone convicted of a federal crime, except an impeached president, through the
  4. The Constitution clearly assigns the power to declare war to
  5. ________________, the hero of the Revolutionary War whom the Framers had in mind for the office, helped shape the idea of what a president should be.
  1. a George Washington
  2. b Congress
  3. c War Powers Act
  4. d pardon power.
  5. e approval rating

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  1. 2
  2. executive privilege.
  3. executive agreements
  4. commutation
  5. from time to time

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  1. Presidents derive their official authority from the following sources EXCEPTleader of a national party


  2. According to the intentions of the Constitution, the president in his role as commander in chief has the power tocommand forces in the event of war.


  3. Executive privilege is the president's right towithhold information from Congress.


  4. While the president has the power to negotiate treaties, they must be approved by theSenate


  5. In his capacity as chief executive, the president haslimited power to appoint or remove government officials.