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  1. The right of a president to refuse to make some internal documents and private conversations public is
  2. In October 1973, Congress passed the _______________ which states that the president cannot send troops into military conflict for more than ninety days without seeking a formal declaration of war from Congress.
  3. A presidential _______________ is usually expressed as the percentage of the American public who say the president is doing a good job.
  4. The president's power to recognize a foreign country
  5. The president does not share one of the following powers with Congress. Which power can the president exercise without consulting Congress?
  1. a executive privilege.
  2. b Granting pardons and reprieves
  3. c requires no ratification or consultation.
  4. d approval rating
  5. e War Powers Act

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  1. gives civilian control over the military.
  2. Senate
  3. executive orders
  4. appoints ambassadors, although the Senate must confirm them.
  5. advise the president on foreign and defense policy.

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  1. The State of the Union address has become a significant tool in the exercise of the president's function aschief legislator.


  2. As commander in chief, the presidentcan determine military strategy if he chooses


  3. The only constitutional power the president has to block congressional legislation is thepower to veto legislation


  4. One of the president's inherent powers is the authority to issue directives or proclamations, called _________, that have the force of law as long as they do not contradict the Constitution.have only a limited basis in the Constitution.


  5. The vice president's traditional role in legislative leadership has been deemedinsignificant.


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