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  1. If impeachment proceedings are initiated, who holds the trial?
  2. The Constitution clearly assigns the power to declare war to
  3. With the president as commander in chief, the U.S.
  4. By law, the modern cabinet consists of the ____ department heads.
  5. The president's role as party leader is
  1. a 15
  2. b an informal duty or role.
  3. c Congress
  4. d Senate
  5. e gives civilian control over the military.

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  1. have only a limited basis in the Constitution.
  2. War Powers Act
  3. All of the above
  4. II
  5. executive agreements do not need the consent of the Senate.

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  1. The president's power to recognize a foreign countryhave only a limited basis in the Constitution.


  2. The only constitutional power the president has to block congressional legislation is thepower to veto legislation


  3. The vice president's traditional role in legislative leadership has been deemedArticle II of the Constitution.


  4. The president's ability to accept or reject foreign ambassadorshave only a limited basis in the Constitution.


  5. When a president issues a regulation that has the effect of law, it is called an executivepardon power.