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  1. The president's executive powers are stipulated in
  2. The Constitution gives the vice president
  3. Although the president can negotiate a foreign treaty, he must turn for ratification to
  4. In October 1973, Congress passed the _______________ which states that the president cannot send troops into military conflict for more than ninety days without seeking a formal declaration of war from Congress.
  5. By law, the modern cabinet consists of the ____ department heads.
  1. a Article II of the Constitution.
  2. b only the job of presiding over the Senate.
  3. c War Powers Act
  4. d the Senate
  5. e 15

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  1. limited power to appoint or remove government officials.
  2. leader of a national party
  3. executive agreements
  4. divided government
  5. insignificant.

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  1. Because a president in his second term cannot seek reelection, he is commonly referred to as a:lame duck


  2. One of the most effective weapons the president has to influence the content of legislation is thepower to veto legislation


  3. The president does not share one of the following powers with Congress. Which power can the president exercise without consulting Congress?Granting pardons and reprieves


  4. The purpose of the National Security Council is toreport to Congress on the "State of the Union."


  5. The only constitutional power the president has to block congressional legislation is theveto


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