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  1. Presidents derive their official authority from the following sources EXCEPT
  2. The Constitution clearly assigns the power to declare war to
  3. Who becomes president according to the Constitution when the president is removed from office, by death, resignation, or inability to perform the duties of the office?
  4. The president is the commander-in-chief of the United States:
  5. A presidential _______________ is usually expressed as the percentage of the American public who say the president is doing a good job.
  1. a approval rating
  2. b vice president
  3. c Congress
  4. d All of the above
  5. e delegated by the Supreme Court

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  1. 2
  2. allows him to recognize some governments and not others.
  3. foreign affairs.
  4. advise the president on foreign and defense policy.
  5. leader of a national party

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  1. The State of the Union address has become a significant tool in the exercise of the president's function aschief legislator.


  2. The Constitution requires that the president report on the State of the Uniondeclare war.


  3. One of the few presidential powers that Congress may not limit is the power togives civilian control over the military.


  4. With the president as commander in chief, the civilian control over the military.


  5. While the president has the power to negotiate treaties, they must be approved by theSenate


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