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  1. What are the formal responsibilities of the first lady?
  2. With regard to the line-item veto,
  3. The president has the power to __________ bills passed by Congress before they become law, by refusing to sign them and sending them back to the chamber in which they originated, with his objections.
  4. The president's role as party leader is
  5. Prior to the election of George Washington
  1. a veto
  2. b no national government had a president.
  3. c although Congress passed a law granting presidents the power, the Supreme Court ruled the act unconstitutional.
  4. d an informal duty or role.
  5. e None

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  1. Article II of the Constitution.
  2. II
  3. Congress
  4. executive orders
  5. House of Representatives

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  1. When a president issues a regulation that has the effect of law, it is called an executiveorder


  2. Because a president in his second term cannot seek reelection, he is commonly referred to as a:order


  3. The Constitution requires that the president report on the State of the Unionfrom time to time


  4. The president's right to engage in communications with his advisers that he does not have to reveal is referred to as:an informal duty or role.


  5. Who becomes president according to the Constitution when the president is removed from office, by death, resignation, or inability to perform the duties of the office?command forces in the event of war.