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  1. By law, the modern cabinet consists of the ____ department heads.
  2. When someone lies under oath it is referred to as:
  3. According to the intentions of the Constitution, the president in his role as commander in chief has the power to
  4. The president's executive powers are stipulated in
  5. Presidents often prefer to negotiate executive agreements rather than treaties because
  1. a executive agreements do not need the consent of the Senate.
  2. b Article II of the Constitution.
  3. c command forces in the event of war.
  4. d perjury.
  5. e 15

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  1. allows him to recognize some governments and not others.
  2. veto
  3. lame duck
  4. grant pardons and reprieves.
  5. balance the ticket ideologically

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  1. The roles of chief diplomat and commander in chief affords the president tremendous power overforeign affairs.


  2. In _______________ the Supreme Court unanimously ruled that executive privilege is not absolute and must give way when the government needs the information for a trial.United States v. Nixon


  3. The president has the power to appoint:All of the above


  4. Vice presidents have2


  5. The Senate decides about removing accused presidentsappoints ambassadors, although the Senate must confirm them.