Inglês - tag questions, né?

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You would be offended,wouldn't you?He went home,didn't he?Dogs love when you pet them,don't they?It hailed last night,didn't it?You can touch your nose with your tongue,can't you?She hates it when you say that,doesn't she?They sell butter,don't they?I was there too,wasn't I?You're really good at piano,aren't you?You'd do the same thing I did,wouldn't you?This dress is too long on me,isn't it?I always forget to do the dishes,don't I?You study a lot,don't you?She should stop being lazy and get a job,shouldn't she?I'm the best,aren't I?You can make a caipirinha with vodka,can't you?That'd be really interesting to see,wouldn't it?He should drive more slowly,shouldn't he?You live in this building,don't you?She always arrives at least an hour late,doesn't she?It snowed on Thursday,didn't it?They can speak English,can't they?You normally add cream and sugar to your coffee,don't you?We'll be able to see the Northern Lights tonight,won't we?You used to be friends with him,didn't you?You were a gymnast when you were younger,weren't you?That ketchup tasted really bad,didn't it?It would be so fun to go to a baseball game,wouldn't it?Your son should eat more fruits and vegetables,shouldn't he?We should always brush our teeth before bed,shouldn't we?She just turned 29,didn't she?She's 29 years old,isn't she?You used to have three dogs,didn't you?You think you're really funny,don't you?They're coming over for dinner on August 31st,aren't they?That's an iPhone,isn't it?The World Cup is this year,isn't it?The World Cup happens this year,doesn't it?Brazil's gonna win the World Cup this year,aren't they?I look good in this color,don't I?My grandma is a terrible driver,isn't she?My grandma's cookies are so good,aren't they?My grandma bakes really good cakes,doesn't she?You guys can help me move my furniture tomorrow,can't you?You would visit Spain if you got the chance,wouldn't you?They can hear us okay,can't they?You wish you were younger,don't you?I bet you could run a marathon if you trained harder,couldn't you?Your dog knows how to catch a frisbee,doesn't he?Wow, that water looks cold,doesn't it?He's taller than his older brother,isn't he?They're going to Florida on vacation,aren't they?You're gonna be disappointed if I don't attend the show,aren't you?The hotel has a pool,doesn't it?You'll be going to medical school next year,won't you?We'd be happy to help you,wouldn't we?We'll figure out the solution eventually,won't we?You guys are always causing trouble,aren't you?2017 passed so fast,didn't it?There are 30 days in September,aren't there?Roger Federer is the best tennis player ever,isn't he?Studying flashcards helps a lot,doesn't it?You already read Hamlet,didn't you?She speaks Czech,doesn't she?She can speak Czech,can't she?Brazilians are the friendliest people in the world,aren't they?This haircut makes my face look fast,doesn't it?The movie should be over by midnight,shouldn't it?I'll be able to see your daughter when I visit you,won't I?Your son watches a lot of YouTube,doesn't he?Your son used to watch a lot of YouTube,didn't he?I should have brought an umbrella,shouldn't I?The soup is still too hot to eat,isn't it?He'll help us fix our microwave,won't he?You'd like that a lot,wouldn't you?He deserves a slap in the face for that comment,doesn't he?You've seen snow before,haven't you?You'd seen snow before coming to Colorado,hadn't you?She's lying,isn't she?She's kept many secrets,hasn't she?She has a big mouth,doesn't she?I always know the right answer,don't I?I've told you that joke before,haven't I?They had seen your house one or two times before today,hadn't they?Your mom has worked at the hospital for a long time,hasn't she?Your art teacher liked your painting,didn't he?You should try to be a little more careful,shouldn't you?I can park my car here,can't I?You could see four states from the top of the mountain,couldn't you?One must be careful when using a sharp knife,mustn't they?