20 terms

2010 CBA Unit 2 - Words 1-20

how the edges of a line, paragraph, object, or table are positioned horizontally and vertically between the margins on a page.
sort order arranging text or numbers from A to Z, from smallest to largest, or from earliest to latest.
Automatic Page Break
a feature that automatically generates a new page, allowing text to flow to the new page when space runs out on the previous one; also known as a soft page break.
lines around the edges of text, a page, a cell, or a table.
Bullets and Numbering
a feature in a word processing application that allows the user to create outlines or itemized lists with either icons or numbers.
Clip art
a feature that includes pre-made illustrations, drawings, pictures, and other graphic that can be inserted into a document.
one of two or more vertical sections of printed material on a page; usually separated by margins.
Copy and Paste
a feature that allows a user to select text or a graphic, duplicate it and place it in another location within a document.
Cut and paste
a feature that allows a user to select text or a graphic, remove it from its current location within a document.
sort order arranging text or numbers from Z to A, largest to smallest, or latest to earliest.
Desktop publishing
through the use of a personal computer, combining text and graphics to produce a high-quality document, such as newsletters, flyers, brochures, etc.
Drag and drop
a feature that allows a user to select text using a mouse or pointing device, and quickly move (drag) it to a different location.
to make changes by adding, deleting, or modifying text, graphics, or other items in a document.
Find and replace
a feature that scans a document, searches for occurrences of specific text, symbols or formatting, and allows a user to replace it with new text, symbols or formatting.
the size, style, and design of text.
text appearing at the bottom of each page, separate from the main body of a text.
in word processing, to utilize features that enhance the appearance and overall layout of text, graphics, tables within a document.
drawings, pictures, or other illustrations inserted in a document to either explain data or enhance the appearance of text on a page.
Hard return
a break in a line or a paragraph that is forced by the user when the return key is pressed, creating a new paragraph.
text appearing at the top of each page, separate from the main body of text.