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  1. "veins" of igneous rock that shoot right through several layers of sedimentary rock
  2. inorganic crystalline substances found naturally in the earth
  3. the decayed remains of once-living creatures
  4. intrusions that run in the same direction as the strata
  5. the view that most of earth's geological features are the result of large-scale catastrophes such as floods, volcanic eruptions, etc.
  6. the process by which rocks are broken down by the forces of nature

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  1. paraconformitieswhen there are parallel, stratified rock layers above and below the unconformity, but there is a clear surface of erosion between them


  2. igneous rockrock formed from molten rock, which is usually called magna.


  3. sedimentary rockrock that has undergone extreme change due to lots of heat and pressure.


  4. nonconformitywhen stratified layers rest on top of unstratified layers


  5. unconformitya surface of erosion that separates one layer of rock from another


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