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  1. 21st amendment
  2. fundamentalism
  3. 18th amendment
  4. New Negro
  5. Equal Rights Amendment
  1. a repealed the 18th amendment
  2. b an evangelical Christian theology that viewed the Bible as an authentic recounting of historical events and the absolute moral word of God
  3. c spirit of black racial pride and militancy that set a younger generation of African American artists and civil rights leaders apart from their predecessors
  4. d prohibition amendment that banned sale, manufacture, and transportation of alcohol
  5. e A proposed constitutional amendment, which stated that equality of rights under the law should not be abridged due to "sex"

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  1. the man involved in the Teapot Dome Scandal
  2. Leader of the UNIA
  3. nickname for the 20s that reflected the popularity of jazz music
  4. NAACP
  5. Treaty that renounced aggressive was as an instrument of national policy

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  1. Al Caponeyoung, carefree girls that dressed with bobs and short skirts and danced a lot


  2. First Red ScareLaw that established criminal penalties for manufacturing, transport, or possessing alcohol


  3. Universal Negro Improvement AssociationUNIA


  4. Warren G. HardingPresident's Slogan: "A return to normalcy"


  5. Dawes PlanInternational agreement that loaned Germany $200 million in gold to pay a reduced reparation bill and gave Germany more time to meet its debt