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  1. Al Capone
  2. Volstead Act
  3. The Jazz Age
  4. Washington Conference
  5. Harlem Renaissance
  1. a nickname for the 20s that reflected the popularity of jazz music
  2. b a gangster very well known for the underground alcohol trade
  3. c Law that established criminal penalties for manufacturing, transport, or possessing alcohol
  4. d An outpouring of African American artistic expression in the 1920s and 30s
  5. e Meeting of world powers that resulted in agreements that limited naval arms, reaffirmed America's Open Door policy, and secured pledges of cooperation among the world's leading military powers

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  1. The plane that Charles Lindbergh piloted on the first ever nonstop flight from NY to Paris
  2. attorney general whos house was attacked by a suicide bomber...eventually led the Palmer raids with Hoover
  3. the man involved in the Teapot Dome Scandal
  4. first underwater car tunnel--went under the Hudson
  5. KKK

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  1. Universal Negro Improvement AssociationA proposed constitutional amendment, which stated that equality of rights under the law should not be abridged due to "sex"


  2. Marcus GarveyInternational agreement that loaned Germany $200 million in gold to pay a reduced reparation bill and gave Germany more time to meet its debt


  3. Warren G. HardingLeader of the UNIA


  4. Teapot Domea gangster very well known for the underground alcohol trade


  5. First Red ScarePeriod when the Justice Department arrested and deported alien anarchists and Communists suspected of trying to destroy American democracy and capitalism