20 terms

Chapter 6 Vocabulary

Treaty of Paris of 1763
Ended the French and Indian War. One of the provisions of the treaty was that France gave its land holdings east of the Miss River to England. Another was that Spain would cede Florida to England, and Spain got all of the land west of the Mississippi River.
Proclamation Line of 1763
Ended colonial expansion west of the Appalachian Mts. It was intended to cut costs and keep Native American allies happy.
internal tax
A tax within (inside) a country. It has nothing to do with imports or exports.
duty/ custom tax
A tax, especially on imports.
The refusal to purchase certain goods.
Sons of Liberty
It was a secret society formed after the Stamp Act was passed to protest British policies. Was responsible for the Boston Tea Party.
writ of assistance
A search warrant.
vice admiralty courts
Military courts without juries.
Boston Massacre
The name given to an incident where Patriot protestors were shot.
committee of correspondence
A group formed to write letters between the colonies to keep them informed of protests to British policies.
The unjust use of power.
To do away with; cancel.
Non- importation Agreement
An agreement to not import a certain good in order to protest.
external tax
A tax levied on foreign trade.
Boston Tea Party
When the Sons of Liberty dumped a boat load of tea into Boston Harbor to protest the Tea Act
First Continental Congress
A meeting called in September 1774, after the Intolerable Acts were passed, to discuss how to protest British policies. Representatives from all colonies except Georgia were present.
A colonist who is in favor of war with England.
People who sided with England and remained loyal to the crown.
To betray one's own country.