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  1. Property of the Reciprocals of a Product
  2. Commutative Property for Addition
  3. Distributive Property
  4. Identity Property for Addition
  5. Associative Property for Multiplication
  1. a a+b=b+a
  2. b 1/ab=1/a(1/b)
  3. c a+0=a
  4. d a(b+c)=ab+ac
  5. e [(a)(b)]c=a[(b)(c)]

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  1. If a+c=b+c, then a=b
  2. If a=b+c and b+c=d, then a=d
  3. If a=b, then ac=bc
  4. If ab=ac, then b=c
  5. a+(b+c)=(a+b)+c

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  1. Identity Property for Multiplicationa=1(a)


  2. Addition Property of EqualityIf a=b+c and b+c=d, then a=d


  3. Multiplication Property of 0-1b=-b


  4. Symmetric Property of EqualityIf a=b, then a+c=b+c


  5. Definition of Subtractiona/b=a x 1/b