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Blue 1

Used in Beverages, candy, and baked goods - very poorly tested with possible risk. Avoid.

Blue 2

Used in pet food, beverages, and candy - very poorly tested; should be avoided.

Citrus Red 2

Used in the skin of Florida oranges. Studies indicate that this additive causes cancer. The dye does not seep through the orange skin into the pulp.

Green 3

Used in candy, beverages - needs to be better tested; avoid

Orange B

Used to color the outer surface of some hot dogs; it has been poorly tested, and is unnecessary, should be banned.

Red 3

Used in cherries, fruit cocktail, candy, and baked goods - complex, synthetic dye may cause cancer

Red 40

Used in soda pop, candy, gelatin desserts, pastry, pet food, sausage - The most widely used coloring promotes cancer in mice - should be outlawed

Yellow 5

The second most widely used coloring is poorly tested, with one test suggesting it might cause cancer. Some people are allergic to it

Yellow 6

Used in beverages, sausage, baked goods, candy, and gelatin - Appears safe, but can cause occasional allergic reactions; used almost exclusively in junk foods.

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