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Intended to persuade the audience to use or buy a product; examples include commercials, advertisements, and other marketing products 101.01
Digital Media
The use of creative design and computer technology to combine forms of media to reach the audience in various ways 101.01
Uses digital media to interactively teach content or demonstrate a process; examples include online tutorials, descriptive animations, etc. 101.01
Intended to captivate an audience and keep them engaged; examples include digital art, movies, video games, music, etc. 101.01
Messages aimed at mass audiences; can be delivered in many forms or methods 101.01
Informs the audience about recent events and/or provides information about a topic; examples include news casts, online periodicals, etc. 101.01
Post-Production Phase
Modifying the project to accomplish the intended purpose; optimizing the output file to meet client's specific needs 101.01
Pre-Production Phase
Defining the parameters of the project and making preliminary decisions about conveying the intended message to the audience 101.01
Production Phase
The active process of using hardware and/or industry-standard software to create an original piece of digital media 101.01
Public Service Announcement
(PSA) Conveys an important message to the public (no specific audience); often instigates the public to take action or further educate themselves 101.01
Social Media
Created and controlled by a community of users that interact using the Internet 101.01
Traditional Media
Communication that was well-established before the Internet age; books, newspapers, magazines, etc. 101.01
The exclusive legal right to reproduce, publish, sell or distribute the expression of an intellectual property (literature, design, audio, video, etc.) 101.02
Creative Commons
Free, easy-to-use copyright licenses provide a simple, standardized way to give the public permission to share and use your creative work on conditions of your choice 101.02
When a person is threatened, harassed, humiliated, tormented, or otherwise targeted using the Internet, mobile phones, or other digital technology 101.02
Electrical Hazards
When electrical connections used by digital media equipment are not handled properly, it could result in electric shock, burn, or other injury 101.02
Designing the workplace to best fit the worker, reducing strain on the body and enhancing comfort during digital media creation 101.02
Fair Use
A legal allowance of using a copyrighted material without permission from the owner, provided the circumstances are reasonable and do not make the material less profitable 101.02
Identity Theft
When personal information (SSN, credit card number, passwords, etc.) is stolen and used to gain access to financial or personal accounts 101.02
Intellectual Property
Original creations of the mind that can be protected by law; literary and artistic works, designs, symbols, images, names, etc. 101.02
Internet Addiction
A compulsive disorder that causes an unhealthy obsession with the Internet and other digital resources; examples include online gambling addiction, cybersex addiction, social media addiction, etc. 101.02
Invasion of Privacy
Intruding into someone's personal space, using their image or likeness, or revealing information about them without their permission 101.02
A published (written or printed) false statement that is damaging to a person's reputation or success 101.02
Online Hoax
A false claim that is spread through electronic means (email, social media, blogs, etc.); examples include chain letters, untrue accusations, etc. 101.02
Taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as your own 101.02
An oral (spoken) false statement that is damaging to a person's reputation or success 101.02
Unwanted emails (usually sent in a large volume) that advertise products or promote services that were not requested by the recipient 101.02
A mark (logo, symbol, word, phrase, etc.) legally registered or established by a company to represent a service or product; cannot be used without the permission of the owner 101.02
Tripping Hazards
When pieces of digital media equipment and their connecting cables are not managed properly, it could result in blocked walkway or tripping hazard 101.02
Programs that are specifically designed to damage a computer when installed; can access personal information, corrupt files, and even erase the hard drive completely 101.02