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All of the information text, images, and other multimedia that are contained within the pages of a website 106.01
File Transfer Protocol
(FTP) Method by which data and files are transferred over the Internet 106.01
Graphical User Interface
(GUI) Buttons and image maps to allow users to interact with the site and access information quickly 106.01
Clickable connections that link text or images to other pages of the website, out to external websites, or to files posted on a website 106.01
Internet Browser
Computer programs that read & interpret code to display a web page to the user 106.01
User-defined words or phrases that help a search engine's algorithms select a group of words that can be searched to find your website 106.01
Meta Tags
They are part of a web page's head section and describe a page's content 106.01
Mobile Friendly
Considering mobile devices with smaller screen sizes when designing the site 106.01
The method by which a user accesses all the pages and information on a website; should be easy to understand and use effectively 106.01
Page Layout
A way of organizing information on a web page; ensures the information on a page can be easily located 106.01
Page Ranking
A determination of how easy it is to find a website through search engines; the higher the ranking, the more traffic the website will have 106.01
Search Engine
Websites that organize and retrieve information located on the Internet 106.01
Search Engine Optimization
(SEO) Involves designing websites with the intention of helping search engines best 106.01
Could be page titles, paragraph titles, image tags, or even meta tags that are hidden in the code of a website; help search engines find and organize the information on a website 106.01
Uniform Resource Locator
(URL) The specific address of a page on the Internet 106.01
Web Crawlers
Computer programs that "crawl" through the pages of a website to find tags, keywords, and other information 106.01
Web Design
Includes web graphic design; (user) interface design; authoring (including standardized code and proprietary software); user experience design (web accessibility guidelines); and search engine optimization 106.01
Visual representation of your abilities, skills, capabilities, knowledge, qualities - and it represents your potential. Physically, it's a collection of things - tangible materials - that represent work-related events in your life. 106.02
A brief written account of personal, educational, and professional qualifications and experience, as that prepared by an applicant for a job 106.02