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Art Director
The leader of interpretive art in advertising and marketing. They translate messages, concepts, and ideas into imagery for a variety of purposes 201.01
Audio Editor
Responsible for cutting, splicing, mixing audio clips, and arranging them into a well-composed audio production to convey a message to the audience 201.01
Audio Engineer/Sound Tech
Manages equipment and monitors levels during the actual recording process or live performance, responsibilities also include setup process to ensure the best possible sound is captured 201.01
Camera Operator/Videography
Follows instructions from the director to capture footage during the production of a video 201.01
Career Planning
The continuous process of exploring the life, work and learning options available to you 201.01
Character Animator
Specifically skilled at creating 2-D or 3-D characters and animating their realistic mechanics and interactions 201.01
Foley Artist
Re-creates the realistic ambient sounds that a movie or film portrays 201.01
Front End Web Developer
Creates the visual components of a website, this includes the graphics, buttons, logos, and other components of a page that the user sees and interacts with 201.01
Graphics Designer
Specialist in visual arts, typography, page layout, user interface design, and print work 201.01
Mobile App Developer
Designs interactive experiences in a variety of mobile platforms using new and emerging technologies and code languages 201.01
Captures visual images for a wide range of creative, technical, and documentary purposes, frequently use software to digitally enhance their images 201.01
Production Assistant
In charge of various aspects of production such as lighting (gaffer), cable management (grip), and many more 201.01
An expert in a variety of computer code languages, they also create software, standalone computer programs, and web pages 201.01
Radio Career
Positions required to produce a radio broadcast, include: announcer, audio engineer, music director, program director, and others 201.01
Simulation Creator
Designs educational animations or simulations that are used to teach a process or interactively demonstrate a concept. 201.01
Special Effects Developer
Creates realistic and imaginative scenes for theater, television, movies, and the internet 201.01
Video Director/Technical Director
Takes the project from the beginning of a script into full video production, they oversee camera angles, lighting, set design, and more 201.01
Video Editor
Manipulates the raw video footage and/or audio clips, and combines them into a sequence to create a final product 201.01
Video Game Designer
Creates and animates the characters, objects, and environments of a video game, also decide the gameplay, structures, and rules 201.01
Web Designer
Plans, designs, and maintains webpages on the internet. They write HTML or CSS code that makes websites work, allowing for user interaction 201.01
Web Specialist
A developer that specializes in a particular field of web design (usability, accessibility, marketing, search engine optimization, page architecture, etc. 201.01