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  1. 2124
  2. 2144.04
  3. 2171
  4. 2106.01
  5. 2164.05
  1. a Legal Precedent as Source of Supporting Rationale
  2. b Two Separate Requirements for Claims Under 35 USC 112, 2nd Paragraph
  3. c Exception to the Rule That the Critical Reference Date Must Precede the Filing Date
  4. d Subject Matter Eligibility Analysis of Process Claims Involving Laws of Nature
  5. e Determination of Enablement Based on Evidence as a Whole

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  1. Considerations Relevant to Best Mode
  2. Breadth Is not Indefiniteness
  3. Scope of Reference's Disclosure Which Can Be Used to Reject Claims When the Reference Is a "Patent" but Not a "Publication"
  4. All Claim Limitations Must Be Considered
  5. Composition, Product, and Apparatus Claims

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  1. 2163.02Standard for Determining Compliance With the Written Description Requirement


  2. 2173.03Rejections Based on "Public Use: or "On Sale"


  3. 2165.02Best Mode Requirement Compared to Enablement Requirement


  4. 2164.08Enablement Commensurate in Scope With the Claims


  5. 2138.05Reduction to Practice