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  1. 2107.01
  2. 2121.02
  3. 2141.03
  4. 2165.02
  5. 2183
  1. a Making a Prima Facie Case of Equivlence
  2. b General Principles Governing Utility Rejections
  3. c Best Mode Requirement Compared to Enablement Requirement
  4. d Compounds and Compositions--What Constitutes Enabling Prior Art
  5. e Level of Ordinary Skill in the Art

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  1. Subject Matter Eligibility Analysis of Process Claims Involving Laws of Nature
  2. Rejections Based on "Public Use: or "On Sale"
  3. Material or Article Worked Upon by Apparatus
  4. Content of the Prior Art Available Against the Claims
  5. 35 USC 102(b)

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  1. 2136.01Status of US Application as a Reference


  2. 2173.04Breadth Is not Indefiniteness


  3. 2164.08Enablement Commensurate in Scope With the Claims


  4. 2163.05Change to the Scope of Claims


  5. 2163.01Support for the Claimed Subject Matter in Disclosure


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