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  1. 2184
  2. 2116.01
  3. 2144.06
  4. 2131.04
  5. 2131.05
  1. a Novel, Unobvious Starting Material or End Product
  2. b Art Recognized Equivalence for the Same Purpose
  3. c Secondary Considerations
  4. d Nonanalogous or Disparaging Prior Art
  5. e Determining Whether an applicant has met the burden of proving Nonequivalence after a prima facie case is made

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  1. Best Mode Requirement Compared to Enablement Requirement
  2. Use of Prior Art in Rejections Where Operability Is in Question
  3. Plant Genetics---What Constitiutes enabling prior art
  4. Prosecution Laches
  5. Product-by-Process Claims

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  1. 2165.03Relationship of Predictability of the Art and the Enablement Requirement


  2. 2138.04"conception"


  3. 2106Patentable Subject Matter


  4. 2107.02Procedural Considerations Related to Rejections for Lack of Utility


  5. 2138.01Reasonable Diligence


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