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  1. 2136.04
  2. 2112.02
  3. 2136.01
  4. 2136,05
  5. 2164.07
  1. a Overcoming a Rejection Under 35 USC 102(e)
  2. b Status of US Application as a Reference
  3. c Relationship of Enablement Requirement to Utility Requirement of 35 USC 101 Enablement Commensurate in Scope With the Claims
  4. d Process Claims
  5. e Different Inventive Entity; Meaning of :By Another"

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  1. Subject Matter Eligibility Analysis of Process Claims Involving Laws of Nature
  2. Admissions as Prior Art
  3. Determination of Enablement Based on Evidence as a Whole
  4. Relationship of Predictability of the Art and the Enablement Requirement
  5. Patent Examination Process

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  1. 2144.06Art Recognized Equivalence for the Same Purpose


  2. 2163.07Burden on the Examiner with Regard to the Written Description Requirement


  3. 2138.03"The Invention was made in this country"


  4. 2174Relationship Between the Requirements of the 1st and 2nd Paragraph of 35 USC 112


  5. 2134Patentable Subject Matter