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  1. 2164.03
  2. 2136.02
  3. 2131.02
  4. 2183
  5. 2173.02
  1. a Relationship of Predictability of the Art and the Enablement Requirement
  2. b Content of the Prior Art Available Against the Claims
  3. c Making a Prima Facie Case of Equivlence
  4. d Genus-Species Situations
  5. e Determining Whether Claim Language is Definite

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  1. Burden on the Examiner Under the Enablement Requirement
  2. Requirements for Rejection for Lack of Best Mode
  3. Obviousness of Ranges
  4. Patentable Subject Matter
  5. Scope of Reference's Disclosure Which Can Be Used to Reject Claims When the Reference Is a "Patent" but Not a "Publication"

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  1. 2137.01Inventorship


  2. 214235 USC 103(c)


  3. 2106Material Manipulated in Process


  4. 2144.06Obviousness of Species When Prior Art Teaches Genus


  5. 2138.01Interference Practice