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  1. 2132.01
  2. 2111.03
  3. 2165.01
  4. 2137.02
  5. 2184
  1. a Considerations Relevant to Best Mode
  2. b Transitional Phrases
  3. c Publications as 35 USC 102(a) Prior Art
  4. d Applicability of 35 USC 103(c)
  5. e Determining Whether an applicant has met the burden of proving Nonequivalence after a prima facie case is made

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  1. Enablement Commensurate in Scope With the Claims
  2. Relationship of Predictability of the Art and the Enablement Requirement
  3. Prosecution Laches
  4. Quantity of Experimentation
  5. Subject Matter Eligibility Analysis of Process Claims Involving Laws of Nature

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  1. 2106Patent Subject Matter Eligibility


  2. 2121.02Genus-Species Situations


  3. 2127Domestic and Foreign Patent Applications as Prior Art


  4. 2143Examples of Basic Requirements of a Prima Facia Case of Obviousness


  5. 2123Rejection Over Prior Art's Broad Disclosure Instead of Preferred Embodiments