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  1. 2141.02
  2. 2162
  3. 2165.04
  4. 2144.08
  5. 2138.06
  1. a Difference Between Prior Art and Claimed Invention
  2. b Reasonable Diligence
  3. c Obviousness of Species When Prior Art Teaches Genus
  4. d Examples of Evidence of Concealment
  5. e Policy Underlying 35 USC 112, First Paragraph

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  1. Process Claims
  2. Level of Public Accessibility Required
  3. Scope of Reference's Disclosure Which Can Be Used to Reject Claims When the Reference Is a "Patent" but Not a "Publication"
  4. "The Invention was made in this country"
  5. Making a Prima Facie Case of Equivlence

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  1. 2131.05Nonanalogous or Disparaging Prior Art


  2. 2143.02Suggestion or Motivation To Modify the References


  3. 2141Examination Guidelines for Determining Obviousness Under 35 USC 103


  4. 2126Availability of a Document as a "Patent" for Purposes of Rejection Under 35 USC 102(a),(b), and (d)


  5. 2144.09Close Structural Similarity Between Chemical Compounds (Homologs, Analogues, Isomers)