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Page layout project created by InDesign, includes page formatting information, page content, linked files, styles, and swatches 203.01
Cross-platform format created by Adobe Acrobat but viewed using Adobe Reader, preserves all formatting. 203.01
The amount of money needed or available for a project 203.01
Color Scheme
An arrangement or combination of colors that are carefully selected to capture the attention and/or set a mood for the user when viewing a project 203.01
The latest time or date by which something should be completed 203.01
Design Comps
Multiple renditions of the design to show clients, provides a visualization of a product before it is professionally completed 203.01
File Name Convention
Agreed upon by designers, project managers and client, refers to the protocols that will be used when saving files 203.01
An aim or desired result 203.01
The act or process of making a design as fully perfect, functional, or effective as possible based on client feedback 203.01
Page Layout Software
Commonly used for print layout work such as brochures, posters, flyers, newsletters, etc. (example: Adobe InDesign). 203.01
Proof Preview
A tool in Photoshop that allows you to preview what the published version of your work will look on a particular output device 203.01
Target Audience
A particular group at which a film, book, advertising campaign, etc., is aimed 203.01
A printing term that refers to graphics or design elements which extend beyond the print edge of your design piece 203.02
CC Libraries
In the CC Library, items are automatically synced to your Creative Cloud account, ready to use anywhere, this allows access to icons, video clips, brushes, and color themes across your Creative Cloud desktop and mobile apps 203.02
Character Style
Created and applied to text to save time; includes character formatting such as font, size, bold, italics and color, etc. 203.02
Character Styles Panel
Used to create, name, and apply character styles to text within a paragraph 203.02
Color Library
Standardized colors for communicating color information across apps and processes 203.02
Drop Cap
The first letter of a paragraph that is larger in size than the rest that follow 203.02
Facing Pages
Pages in a document that appear on opposite sides of a book or magazine, also called a spread. 203.02
Font Families
Collection of fonts that fall within a group or subset that are visually similar, but with minor variations (ex. Arial, Courier, Times, etc.) 203.02
The space between columns of text 203.02
The amount of horizontal space between pairs of individual characters 203.02
The amount of vertical space between lines of text 203.02
The part of the page that is above, below, and to the sides of a text 203.02
Master Page
A pre-determined layout that is set up beforehand and can be applied to any page in a document 203.02
Paragraph Style
Created and applied to text to save time; includes paragraph formatting such as indents, bullets, and alignment as well as the character formatting options 203.02
Paragraph Styles Panel
Used to create, name, and apply paragraph styles to entire paragraphs 203.02
Placeholder Text
Randomly generated words used to fill a defined space of a layout to give an impression of how the overall design will fit together. 203.02
A characteristic of fonts that make them easy to identify and read; all fonts in a design should be legible unless desired effect is otherwise 203.02
San Serif
Fonts without the serif on the letters 203.02
A small line attached to the end of a stroke in a letter, fonts with the serif are called serif fonts 203.02
Usually non-printing Information such as a title and date used to identify a document, appears on the pasteboard 203.02
Text Frame
Contains text, can be moved and resized; text can be connected between text frames 203.02
Text Wrap Panel
Used to wrap text around any object, including text frames and imported images 203.02
Text Wrapping
A feature supported by many page layout programs that enables you to surround a picture or diagram with text 203.02
The amount of horizontal space between characters within a word or sentence 203.02
The design and use of fonts and typefaces as a means of visual communication in a design 203.02
Used as a placeholder for graphics or text to be added later 203.03
Free Transform Tool
Can rotate, scale or shear an object around fixed point 203.03
An alphabetical list of names, subjects, etc., with references to the places where they occur, typically found at the end of a book 203.03
Involving the actions or input of a user 203.03
The primary method used to insert graphics into InDesign 203.03
Selection Tool
Lets you select the entire object, identified by blue frame 203.03
Table of Contents
A list of titles of the parts of a book or document, organized in the order in which the parts appear along with the page numbers 203.03