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Adobe After Effects
Tool for video compositing, motion graphics design, and animation 204.01
Adobe Animate
An HTML-based 2D animation software that specializes in creating animations for the internet using HTML5 code 204.01
Adobe Character Animator
A character animation application that allows you to bring expressive characters to life using your own artwork 204.01
File Organization
Organize all files in appropriate folders for easy and quick access 204.01
Maxon Cinema 4D Studio/Autodesk Maya
The industry standard 3D animation software that create three-dimensional models and animate them in a virtual environment 204.01
What is the reason for creating the animation 204.01
A series of illustrations or images displayed in sequence for the purpose of pre-visualizing a video or animation 204.01
ActionScript is an object-oriented language associated with JavaScript used primarily for the development of websites and software targeting the Adobe Flash Player platform, used on Web pages in the form of embedded SWF files 204.02
Button State
The specific visual appearance of an interactive button that corresponds to the particular phase of interaction 204.02
Code Snippets
Small blocks of Flash ActionScript code that can be applied to an object in general 204.02
Down State
When the button is clicked held down 204.02
Hit State
Not a visible change; the clickable area of the button or hot spot 204.02
Editable copies of symbols that can be changed individually after dragging them from the library 204.02
Over State
When the mouse cursor hovers over the button 204.02
Script Assist
Feature found in the action panels that can be used to generate ActionScript without writing code 204.02
Up State
When the button is not rolled over or pressed down; the normal appearance of a button 204.02
Refers to the speed that an animation moves, can move at a constant speed (no easing) or accelerate or decelerate 204.03
Lets the user hide part of a layer so that you can see through to the layer below 204.03
Motion Path
A pre-determined path that moving objects can follow exactly; it helps create movement that is not just linear, but specific to a set route 204.03
Onion Skinning
An editing option that lets the user view many frames at once, enables the user to see the progression of an animation 204.03
Squash and Stretch
Technique used to create an exaggerated shape during movement 204.03