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Usually a small piece of computer code that encodes and compresses streams of data for storage or they decompress for playback or even editing 205.01
Recording Audio
A sound recording: a recording of acoustic signals 205.01
Script Writing
Determines who is performing at what time and what they will say 205.01
The language or dialect spoken by the majority of people in a particular country or region 205.01
¼" (Phono) Cable
A standard "must have" cable type known for its noise free connections and resistance to interference 205.02
Bi-Directional Pickup Pattern
Captures sound from in front of the microphone and behind it, choice for use when recording a two-person conversation 205.02
Cardioid Pickup Pattern
Cardioid means "heart-shaped", sound is picked up mostly from the front, but to a lesser extent, also the sides 205.02
Condenser Microphone
Microphone consisting of a capacitor with one plate fixed and the other forming the diaphragm moved by sound waves 205.02
The level of one audio signal is reduced by the presence of another signal 205.02
Dynamic Microphone
Microphone that uses an acoustic-to-electric transducer or sensor that converts sound into an electrical signal 205.02
Lavaliere Microphone
A small dynamic microphone, usually clip-on, used for television, theatre, and public speaking applications, in order to allow hands-free operation 205.02
Mini Cable
A narrow diameter radiation tolerant cable specifically designed for situations where flexibility is necessary 205.02
An automatic process of making sure all of the audio levels in a project are at a consistent level and quality 205.02
Omnidirectional Pickup Pattern
Captures sound equally from all directions, including ambient (background) noises, is used in situations where sound is coming from many directions 205.02
The process of moving within an audio file or tape to locate a particular section 205.02
Shotgun Microphone
Also called a "boom", found on high-end cameras for capturing sound while recording 205.02
Shotgun Pickup Pattern
Extremely directional mic most commonly used by tv and film crews since it allows for the precise selection of sound pickup in noisy and uncontrolled environments 205.02
USB Cable
An advantage to USB is that there are many interfaces designed to run on USB bus power (rather than an external power supply), works well for mobile recording with your laptop 205.02
XLR Cable
An electrical connector design used mostly in professional audio and video electronics cabling applications for microphones and line level signals 205.02
Adobe Audition
A digital audio workstation featuring both a multitrack, non-destructive mix/edit environment and a destructive-approach waveform editing view 205.03
Audio Gain
A unit of measurement, the ratio of a signal output of a system to the signal input of the system 205.03
Boosting or reducing the levels of different frequencies in a signal 205.03
Fade In/Out
A gradual increase/decrease of volume 205.03
Controls how much audio is coming out 205.03
Files Bin
Area where audio files can be accessed in Audition 205.03
Causes the audio to repeat until stopped 205.03
Master Area
Combines each channel's audio and sends to audio output 205.03
Mixing Console
Takes audio inputs into separate channels, which can be adjusted individually before being fed into master area and sent as one audio output 205.03
Timeline Editor
Area where audio is edited in Audition 205.03
Cutting part of an audio clip from either end 205.03
VU Meter
View to watch for possible audio distortion 205.03