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  1. Depth Preception
  2. Reflected Light
  3. Optic chiasm
  4. Property
  5. Radiant light
  1. a The ability to convert a flattened image from the retina into a 3-D image to determine how far away an object is.
  2. b Something that is true for an object.
  3. c Inside the skull where the 2 optic nerves join each other at a point.
  4. d Light made by an object.
  5. e Light that shines on an object and bounces off

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  1. The use of both eyes for vision.
  2. The acquisition (gaining) of new knowledge and skills
  3. Pictures/drawlings that trick us into perceiving something that isnt true.
  4. Thin, translucent layer lining the back of the eye; recieves images formed be the lens; connected to the brain by the optic nerve
  5. Picture of electric activity in the head or brain

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  1. Peripheral visionThe use of both eyes for vision.


  2. FunctionHow somehting works and what it does


  3. Transmitted LightLight that shines on an object and bounces off


  4. CoronalThe plane for the section of the brain that is parallel to the ground


  5. PhotoreceptorParts of the eye that intercept and change light to electrical impulses to produce the ability to see.