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  1. social mediation
  2. scaffolding
  3. attachment
  4. Operant conditioning
  5. temperament
  1. a reactivity, speed and intensity of emotional arousal, attention, and motor activity
  2. b infants act, or operate, on the environment, and stimuli, that follow their behavior change the probability that the behavior will occur again.
  3. c child's link to caregiver
  4. d Vygotsky's idea that learners should be given only just enough help so that they can reach the next level
  5. e human interaction that expands and advances understanding, often through words that one person used to explain something to another

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  1. Ainsworth- secure, avoidant, resistant, disorganized/disoriented. Bowlby preattachment, attachment-in-the-making, clear-cut attachment, formation of a reciprocal relationship.
  2. xenophobia
  3. practice speaking alone
  4. this is what I hear and and I respond but I can't speak it all back to you.
  5. Brain's ability to reorganize and change its structure and function throughout its lifespan.

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  1. gross motor skillsreaching, grasping, self help, dressing eating, drawing and painting


  2. animismredundant, unused, getting rid of unused


  3. conservationarranging objects in sequential order according to one aspect, such as size, weight, or volume


  4. nonorganic failure to thriveimitative behavior involving the spread of behavior, emotions, and ideas


  5. expressive languagethis is what I hear and and I respond but I can't speak it all back to you.