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  1. neuroplasticity
  2. gross motor skills
  3. goodness of fit
  4. fear of strangers
  5. Over-regularization
  1. a Brain's ability to reorganize and change its structure and function throughout its lifespan.
  2. b Thomas and Chess- combines genetics and environment, child rearing to match temperament
  3. c xenophobia
  4. d master grammatical rules then overextend them.
  5. e crawlingb, standing, walking, balance improves, gain smooth and rythmic movements, upper and lower body skills combine into refined actions by 5, greater speed and endurance

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  1. connections between the nuerons
  2. failure to distinguish others' views from my own, self centered
  3. cannot mentally reverse a set of steps-always drive to store one way
  4. the fear of being away from the parent and the desire to avoid strangers. begins from nine to about eighteen months
  5. sit and do learning together

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  1. Neuronsredundant, unused, getting rid of unused


  2. temperamentreactivity, speed and intensity of emotional arousal, attention, and motor activity


  3. preoperational thoughtPiaget- gains in mental representation, make believe play, symbol-real-world relations. Limitations, egocentrism, conservatism, hierarchical classification, animistic thinking.


  4. trust vs mistrustEriksons' first psychosocial crisis. infants learn basic trust if the world is a secure place where their basic needs (for food, comfort, attention, and so on) are met


  5. social contagionhuman interaction that expands and advances understanding, often through words that one person used to explain something to another