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The systematic study of the relationship between the individual and of the consequences of difference
C. Write Mills
__________ is most closely associated with the concept of the sociological imagination
___________ can be viewed as both a private trouble, and obstacle an individual faces as an individual, and public, or social, issue.
Social Inequality
One of the main tasks of sociology is to reveal and report the degree of
Social sciences
Sociology, anthropology, economics, and history study various social features of humans and in ways in which they interact and change and are therefore considered:
Not reliable
Sociologists argue that, unlike scientific knowledge, commonsence conclusions are:
the extent to which people were integrated into the group life of a society
Emile Durkheim's study of suicide relates to:
Harriet Martineau
Which sociologist translated the works of auguste comte into english and introduced the significance of inequality and power into the discipline?
ownership, or lack thereof, of key material resources
In Karl Marx's analysis, social inequality is determined by:
W.E.B. Du Bois
Which of the following sociologist carried out engaged and sustained research on the lives of african americans?
Applied sociology
Using sociology with the specific intent of yielding practical applications for human behavior and organizations is referred to as
Scientific Method
Which of the following terms is used to describe a systematic, organized series of steps that ensures maximum objectivity and consistency in researching a problem?
A testable statement about the relationship between two or more variables is known as a:
A survey
A study, generally in the form of an interview or questionnaire, that provides researchers with information about how people think and act is known as:
Dependent Variable
The race of a criminal offender is associated with the frequency with which capital punishment is administered. In this example, capital punishment would be considered the:
The midpoint, or number that divides a series of values into two groups of equal numbers of values, is referred to as the:
the Hawthorne effect
What term do sociologists use to describe the phenomenon whereby subjects deviate from their typical behavior because they realize they are under observation?
White ex-convicts have an easier time becoming employed than blacks with no criminal records
One finding of Devah Pager's paper is that:
their own personal views
According to value neutrality, investigators have an ethical obligation to accept research findings even when the data run counter to:
The totality of our shared language, knowledge, material objects and behavior is known as:
athletic sports
Which of the following is considered a cultural universal?
the culture domination of developing nations by developed nations
In practice, globalization has led to:
Collective conceptions of what is considered good, desirable, and proper (or bad, undesirable, and improper) are known as:
being very well-off financially
In surveys of first year college students over the last 40 years, which value has shown the strongest gain in popularity?
norms that are deemed highly necessary to the welfare of a society
Mores are:
norms governing everyday behavior, the violation of which raises comparatively little concern, are known as:
Penalties and rewards for conduct concerning a social norm are known as:
feminist perspective
Which sociological perspective would argue that if all a society's most important institutions send the message that women should be subservient to men, this dominant ideology will help to control women and keep them in a subordinate position?
People from india being repelled by the common American practice of living in the same household with dogs and cats.
Which of the following is an example of ethnocentrism?
Human agency
When individuals, either alone or in groups, question, challenge, resist, cope with, and sometimes change social structures and institutions. The concept of human agency confirms the fact that individuals are not helpless in the face of social structures
Global apartheid
An international system of minority rule whose attributes include: differential access to basic human rights; wealth and power structured by race and place; structural racism, embedded in global economic processes, political institutions and cultural assumptions; and the international practice of double standards that assume inferior rights to be appropriate for certain "others", defined by location, origin, race or gender.
Liberation sociology
The use of knowledge obtained from the study pf society to challenge social structures which deny equal rights and opportunities to members of socially oppressed groups.
Social Location
One's position in society based on family backround, race socioeconomic status (SES), religion, and other relevant social characteristics.
Social structure
Social structures are the underlying regularities in how people behave and interrelate with one another. structure refers to those aspects of social life that appear to be beyond out control; outside constraints.
Sociological imagination
The ability to grasp history and biography and the relations between the two within society
The scientific study of society: the scholarly discipline concerned with the systematic study of human social relations,groups, organizations, and societies: the study of group life and those aspects of individual lives that are affected by social interaction.
Mass media, Social Class, Global Stratification, Race, Gender
What are the 5 major concepts on sociology?
December 7, 1941
September 11, 2001
February 2, 2004
January 12, 2010
Significant dates in history:
Freedom, Democracy, Self-determination,Underdogs
What are the 4 core american values?
The President, both personally and acting through his agents and subordinates, prevented the security contractors working for Haiti's elected, constitutional government led by President Jean-Bertrand Aristide from receiving reinforcements at a time when Haiti's constitutional government was under attack. The removal of the security contractors facilitated the kidnapping of President Aristide:
What happened on february 29?
Lavalas is a populist leftist political party in Haiti. Its leader is former Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. It has been a powerful force in Haitian politics since 1991. L governments supported a policy of "growth with equity" based on Caribbean and Western European social democratic principles. L governments have invested in education and health care and refused International Monetary Fund austerity measures.
What is Lavalas?
Military group killing/ torturing people for the aristide movement, military death squad and took weapons and bullets from the U.S.
What is a Duvalier Dictatorship?
Duvalier employed the Tonton Macoutes in a reign of terror against any opponents, including those who proposed progressive social systems. Those who spoke out against Duvalier would disappear at night, or were sometimes attacked in broad daylight. They were never seen again; a private security force, the Tonton Macoutes, which he granted automatic amnesty for any crime committed.
What is Ton Ton Macoutes?
group of domestic opposition, businessmen, democratic opposition, anti-aristide clan.
Who is the group of 184?
Dr. Farmer is a co-founder and Board Member of the Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti.He is also a member of the Advisory Board of Incentives for Global Health, the NGO focused on developing the Health Impact Fund
Who is Dr Paul Farmer?
When Haiti's slaves rebelled against their French oppressors and ran France's troops off the island, the French encircled Haiti with their navy and demanded a massive sum as 'restitution'. Haiti paid a huge amount of gold to the French to end the blockade.
French Reparations:
Analyzing/looking closer
Debunking means..
-Structural Racism
-Half, Double
Curious Formula:
-(Structural) Racism
-Economic exploitation (materialism, poverty)
-War (militarism)
What are the triple evils?
1) assert our dignaty & self worth
2) organize political & economic power
3) Reaffirm our commitment to nonviolence
4) Stick to love
5) restructure the whole american society
what are MLK's solutions (5 goals)?
-Truth & Reconciliation Commission
-Restorative Justice
What is Tutu's dream?
A person is a person thru other persons.
-People need people
-We are made for each other
-No one can be selfsufficient
-we are all family
-Laughter, peace, harmony
-suffering is universal/connected
Key components of TuTu's dream
-Rosa Parks
-Martin Luther
-Nelson Mandela
-Dalli Lama
For X's for Goodness
!) Torture Victim
2) Blind Guy
3) Grieving Father
ubuntu 3 x's stories