ServiceNow Certified System Administrator


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What information does the System Dictionary (also called the Data Dictionary) contain?
describe database strcuture, make fields mandatory, make fields unique
How to set UI Policy for all views?
Which of the following is a list of what the Service Catalog contains
Record Producers, Order Guides, and Catalog Items
Which one of the following modules can be used to view field settings for a table?
Tables & Columns
An Access Control is a feature of what type of security methodology?
Contextual Security
What are two of the settings that can be made in the Contextual Security Manager?
Ability to set the maximum attachment size and specify the attachment file types
What is generated from the Service Catalog once a user places and order for an item or service?
A request
What does the acronym RITM stand for?
Requested Item
T/F ? When an Incident form is saved, all the Work Notes field text is recorded to the Activity Log field.
describe the purpose of and Order Guide
Order Guides provide the ability to order multiple, related items as one request.
Which one of the following statements is true when using the slushbucket (also known as the List Collector) to design a Form?
When a field is moved from the Selected column to the Available column, the field is removed from the form.
What is the primary purpose of the Impersonate feature?
To act as a different user for testing purposes
describe the relationship between the Incident table and the Task table
The Incident table extends the Task table.
steps to customize the background color of the Header Bar?
Banner and list caption background color > type in color code > Save > refresh page
What is an Access Control defined and applied to?
Specific table or field
example of a one-to-many table relationship?
The Task table[task] Assigned to field references the User table [sys_user].
Which can be performed by inbound email actions?
Create or update task records.
What is the Retroactive Start field within an SLA Definition record used for?
Allows the SLA to set its start time to a specific day/time field from an earlier event.
In an incident form, which one of the following is an example of a UI Policy?
Make the Priority field read-only
What process does the Knowledge Base manage?
Document review cycle, which includes submission, feedback from Subject Matter Expert and publishing?
What is a characteristics of how Import Set fields are mapped to fields on a target table?
A single Import Set field can be mapped to multiple fields on a target table.
Where is data stored?
In the application Navigator, how is the list of applications determined?
The list of applications is build according to the role(s) that have been assigned to the user.
If a System Administrator wants to make a change to one of the global default homepages, the presence of which one of the following screen elements indicates that the Administrator is displaying the correct page on which to make the change?
Change layout
What steps must Administrators do to create a new Catalog Item and have it display in the Service Catalog for users to order?
Create a new Catalog Item, add it to a category, and save.
Which section of the ServiceNow GUI contains the global search feature?
Incident, Problem, and Change tables extend which table?
Task [task]
describes the differences between a client script and a Business Rule?
A client script runs on the client on load, on change of a field, or on submission of a save to the record. A Business Rule runs on the server before or after a record is loaded, inserted, deleted, or updated.
Buttons, form links, and context menus are all examples of what type of functionality?
UI Action
Which one of the following is true for a Service Catalog Item Request workflow?
A Catalog Task is only available for workflows running against Request Item [sc_req_item] table.
What module in the Service Catalog application does and Administrator access to begin creating a new item?
Maintain Items
What is the industry term used to describe the computing platform and solution stack that supports the delivering of web application?
Platform as a Service (PaaS)
A __________________ is a user in the system that receives another user's messages like approval requests, meeting invitations, and other business messages.
permissions and user who belongs to more than one group?
When a user is a member of multiple groups, each group grants permissions to the user.
Which one of the following statements is true for System Administrators who are deleting tables?
Only tables beginning with a "u_" can be permanently deleted.
How is Coalesce used in Import Sets?
Using Coalesce, Import Sets may update existing records in a destination production table.
What is Single Sign-on (SSO)?
A type of integration that enables a user to log in once and gain access to the resources of multiple software systems without being prompted to log in again.
In a typical ServiceNow instance, what types of users are in the system? Choose on list that orders from ..... ....... amount of seats.
1) System Administrator 2) Delegated Administrator 3) ITIL User 4) ESS User
What tables stores each of the individual Service Level Agreement (SLAs) attached to particular tasks?
Task SLA (task_sla)
Which is an accurate list of changes that are captured in an Update Set?
Changes made to: tables, forms, views, and fields
describes Access Control rule evaluation
If a row level rule and a field level rule exist, both rules must be true before an operation is allowed.
Which one of the following statements describes the contents of the Configuration Management Database (CMDB)?
The CMDB contains data about tangible and intangible business assets.
What list does the house icon ( ) access?
List of homepages
What field on the Task SLA form defines whether it is an SLA, OLA, or Underpinning Contract?
Which one of the following statements describes the purpose of a Service catalog workflow?
The Service Catalog workflow is used to drive complex fulfillment processes and sends notifications to defined users or groups.
When does the Submit button appear on a form?
When creating a new record
What setting allows users to view a Knowledge Base article even if they are not logged in?
The ESS role
What is the path an Administrator could take to view the fulfillment stage task list for an order placed by a user?
REQ (Number) > RITM (Number) > TASK (Number)
How is the ServiceNow system set up so that Administrators can easily configure their instances to send an email at the end of an upgrade?
Administrators can update the email notification named "System Upgraded" in the Notifications module by adding the appropriate User to receive it.
Where can a gauge be displayed?
On Homepages
Should we use Default Update set as an Update set?
Never use the Default Update set as an Update Set
What is the organizing structure used in the Knowledge Base to organize articles?
Within a Knowledge Base topic, articles are organized into categories
how Employee Self Service (ESS) users can view service request information?
ESS Users can access the My Requests and Requested Items modules.
because a homepage is dynamically generated, which one of the following is a way to influence performance?
Set Refresh to off or to a longer time increment.
When using a form, what is the difference between a Save and an Insert operations?
Save saves the current record and keeps you on the form. Insert creates a new record and takes you back to the list
Within a form, which can be used to view the Dictionary settings for a field?
Right-click on the field label and select Personalize>Dictionary
What are the three major steps to create a Service Catalog Request workflow and make it available to others?
Create workflow activities, create approval action activities, and publish the workflow
Describes the purpose of an Update Set
An Update Set allows administrators to group a series of changes into a named set and then move this set as a unit to other systems
When to run onChange() client scripts?
The onChange() client script runs when a particular field on the form changes value.
When the Business Service Management (BSM) map is displayed for a configuration item, where is the configuration item located in the map?
The configuration item is in the center of the map, with upstream configuration items and downstream configuration items.
What are the steps to import new data from a spreadsheet?
Load Data, Create Transform Map, Run Transform
How do you recognize that you are editing Global Homepage, which button is displayed on the form
change layout
What is the name of the Homepage when you copy it?
My <homepagename>
What is the icon for reference?
Magnifier glass
The prefix for all incidents is INC, where you can change it?
Maintain numbers
f you have a Service Catalog and you order an item, which records are created?
REQ >> RITM >> Task?
T/F Can a knowledge article be in more knowledge bases?
T/F Can favourites and shortcuts be customised in mobile interface?
What is the easiest way to create an event
User action + Scripts (business rules, wf)
T/F Is many changes in many update sets a good practice?
Whats gonna be an ABC table in SN system saved like?
What can you see a module in app navigator:
The module is set inactive
Whats is a Workflow editor used for?
Interface for creating and modyfying WFs (canvas tabs, title bar, canvas, palette)
Workflow can be triggered from?
Workflow, Business rule, Script, Manual, SLA, Schedule,...
T/F An item with order field of 50 is gonna be after an item with an order field of 60
levating privileges allows you to access and modify
System->Security>High Security Settings
A REQ stands for
What is the best practice for users, roles and groups?
users to groups and roles to groups
Whats a group table name in SN
What can be used in KB search to sort articles - choose three
Number of views, relevancy, last updated
What is an Access Control defined and applied to?
Specific table or field or row
What can influence client (browser) performance (choose 3)
UI Action, Client Script, UI Policy
T/F Can Coalesce be applied to more fields?
What does Mapping assist do in an import set process?
Interface to choose which columns map together
What are the two core/base tables in SN?
Task and CMDB CI
In what state must be a KB article so everybody can access it?
T/F Must be workflow checked out before it can be edited?
If two update sets are merged into one set and both modify the same object, how to resolve conflict
The latest modification is applied
What does ServiceNow Dictionary Override do?
Dictionary overrides provide the ability to define a field on an extended table differently from the field on the parent table.
What does Schema Map do?
The schema map displays the details of tables and their relationships in a visual manner, allowing administrators to view and easily access different parts of the database schema.
Where can be CI and Business Service relations seen?
Schema map?
Gear icon - which area is not in General Settings?
Settings DOES CONTAIN - General, Theme, List, Forms, Notifications, Developer
When is SLA paused
when conditions is met
What are two main tables of CMDB?
CMDB, Task
In what relationship is cmdb_rel to cmdb table?
What types of data can be used to populate tables in CMDB
Csv, xml, excel
What other type of basic form layout is visible
What is not a part of service catalog workflow
What are the key CMDB tables?
Cmdb_ci, cmdb_rel_ci
_________ is displaying relations of CIs.
Relationship view
ServiceNow search engine is called:
What tables are extended from task:
Task table is an example base objects called:
Base Tables
What is valid for extended tables:
They inherit all fields + business rules, client scripts,..
They do not inherit fields, but do BRs, Client scripts,..
They inherit all fields + can define a new ones
What is valid for workflows:
They must be checked out first to be able to modify them
Provide wf activities examples:
Checked in
What is a procedure for providing filter for other users:
Define name, visibility, save
What are breadcrumbs for?
Filter, navigation
What should be used for Readonly, visibility, mandatory
UI Policies
What is dictionary override for?
Override settings of extended tables
What are data policy for?
Difference between form configuration and personalization?
Personalization for 1 user, config. For all
115. Purpose of Impersonation?
Visibility and testing
View custom perspective
What can register an event
Workflow, Business Rule
Valid statement for Variables?
Can be defined as global
What tables can be target when importing data?
Any table
What finishes a workflow?
When a Workflow reaches End object
T/F is Bottom Bar Workflow Editor component?
When searching using Filter navigator, the results contain:
Applications and Modules
Which of the following is true about UI Action?
They can contain a condition determining its visibility
What concepts are related to CMDB?
CIs and Relations between them
CMDB contains
Tangible and intangible CIs
T/F A view can be applied to list only?
T/F Prior to transferring an update set to another instance, the update set needs to be validated
Where can you text search (multiple-choice)
Applications and Modules
Knowledge base
How do you set ACL to explicitly see all fields
What are ServiceNow Instance features (Multiple-choice)
Which of the following is not Workflow Editor feature
T/F Knowledge Base article is controlled by workflow assigned to Knowledge Base Table
SLA execution can be monitor by which tool
SLA Timeline
What tool do you use to create CI relations within CMDB
CI relationship editor or Discovery
What is a right order to transfer UpdateSets between 2 environments
T/F When adding somebody on Watchlist on a incident. The watchlist person get notified whenever Work Notes is added
What is ServiceNow Connect_____
What is the path/way to get elevated rights
main window > top bar > elevate rights
Difference between ACL and elevated rights.
elevated rights can edit ACL
What is related to ServiceNow CMDB
Database, CI
T/F Settings (Cog icon) on banner changes settings to all users
What are two core tables
task, sys_user
What are all options under context menu
Reload, Save, Update
What does column setting menu do
Sort, configure, import, export
Online communication tool in SNow is called live
What beneficial properties tables get from extending task table?
inheirs fields, scripts...
Where can you see progress of running workflow (model, execution...)
Live workflows > Active contexts
ccess to the application (data) can be restricted by:
Application scope
Application configuration
What is a NOT a part of a workflow editor:
bottom tab
Transform map is used for:
decide how to match columns from stagging table to target table
A group of developers assigned to develop an app is called:
Where can you text search? (Multiple choice, checked everything)
4 choices
What is sys_id length
32 chars
T/F Does an Update Set have to be "complete" to be moved to another instance?
Which object is defined, work is done upon it and then closed?
What is cmdb_ci_appl and cmdb_ci relationship
cmdb_ci is parent of cmdb_ci_appl
What do elevate privileges enable?
Access to acl
Access to modify system config security
Which actions is user able to make in User Menu?
Workspace, List, Form, Task, Chat
. What is workflow notification?
Notify users of events that occur during the workflow. - Send SMS / Email
What is not visible/show if you write "service" into Application Navigator?
Visible: Configuration, Pass Reset, Contract, Instance Usage, System Apps, System policy, System properties, User administration
Workflow editor
Canvas, title bar, cavas tab, pallete
Update vs Import set
import set imports data inside, update set exports data to another instance
T/F Agent intelligence increasing the number of interactions required to resolve tasks.
Where you can find a global search?
Choice list, True/False and _______ are type of Field types:
What is difference between Event Registy and Event log?
Event registry - events which system recognizes
Event log - all system events
What are Formatters?
A formatter is a form element used to display information that is not a field in the record
How is workflow transfer from one instance to another?
create workflow, publish, XML contains workflow, complete update set, migrate, commit
User Presence
feature that lets you see who is online when you are working in an instance. green logged, orange recently logged, no icon offline
What I can see in activity streaming.
activity stream is a list of entries in records and conversations. Examples of activity streams include journal fields like comments and work notes that display in task records and Connect Chat conversations
Authentication methods in SNOW
Local database, Multifactor, LDAP, SAML, OAuth, Digest Token
Core tables?
Task, cmdb_ci, task, sys_user
Table ACL rules are processed in the following order:
match the table name, match the parent table name, match any table name (*)
data inconsistency correction is done from automated _____
What are the UI components of a homepage
banner, content panel, app navigator
Where can we use variable_pool
how to approve a catalog request
right click request record in request list and click approve
T/F Can we trigger email notification via client script?
Where is data saved to
What are basic components of workflow
approvals notifications task
what gs.print("hello world") do?
write to text log on file system, not to sys_log table in DB
T/F can we trigger an email notification using client script?
name of unique identifier for each record in table?
KB articles are referred in which modules?
Which one on homepage will access KB
Catalog item
How can be service catalog workflow attached?
manually on the catalog item form
automatically based on conditions
automatically if no toher workflows attached
If notification has a template attached and the subject is filled out on notification, from what will fired email have subject?
from notification
How to change sort sequence of fields or task
modify order field
Contextual security question on hierarchy
Generic to specific
T/F System diagnostic > Upgrade history tracks all upgrades made to system
T/F Scheduled jobs can be captured in update sets?
how to improve Home Page loading time
Reduce gauges
T/F default SLA workflow is designed to be used over and over again?
___ is a tool that will autopopulate CMDB about your win computer
help the helpdesk
variables you can add when you create catalog item?
Multiple choices, multi-line text, choice list, checkbox
where is option to edit list?
Listt control
what happen if request is rejected?
Notification is sent and sets status to cancelled
which can be edited by list editor?
values in list
What is possible via inboud action
send email notification
How to make service catalog workflow avaiable
define, create activities, publish
functionality of data dictionary?
describe database strcuture, make fields mandatory, make fields unique
T/F Does ESS have a role?
what Knowledge aticle hold?
known errors, useful solutions, troubleshooting tips
In which table user to group mapping is stored
what controls enable admin to set mandatory and read only states for fields and can be used to enforce data consistence accross apps
data policy
if dev opens up existing client script for code reference and user already had selected desired update set, but he doesnt want it to be captured in update set. What will you suggest to do?
do not click submit, change update set to default, update record if user selected default set
how to modify field behavior
Right click > personalize > Dictionary
functionality of data dictionary in SNOW?
describe database strcuture, make fields mandatory, make fields unique
T/F users to groups are M/M relationship?
T/F app navigaion search history is stored?
what to remember when creating catalog variable
catalog variable are global by default
what is Data dictionary?
contains info about fields data type, char limit, default value, dependency, other attributes