CH 5: Infection Control

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Dental plaque is an example of a visible human _____.

A. infection

B. germ

C. biofilm

D. disease
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As part of the 16 SDS categories, first-aid measures include important symptoms/effects as well as ______________. A. product use B. use restrictions C. required treatment D. containment and cleanupC. required treatmentAs part of the 16 SDS categories, handling and storage lists precautions for safe handling and storage, including ______________. A. incompatibilities B. identifiers C. ingredients D. reactionsA. incompatibilitiesAs part of the 16 SDS categories, toxicology information includes routes of exposure, related symptoms, and ______________. A. exposure and protection B. safe handling and storage C. acute and chronic effects D. restrictions and transportationC. acute and chronic effectsLicensing, enforcement, and your conduct when you are working in the salon are regulated by ______________ agencies. A. international B. federal C. state D. cityC. stateIn 2012 OSHA agreed to comply with the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals System (GHS), which requires the use of a standard format called ______________ (SDS) to replace the MSDS. A. safety data sheet B. surety data support C. safety data standards D. safety data supportA. safety data sheetDisinfectants sold and used in the United States must carry ______________ registration number. A. an OPA B. a FDA C. DOL D. EPAD. EPAA Safety Data Sheet (SDS) does NOT include: A. precautions for safe handling and storage of the product B. product disposal restrictions C. emergency procedures for the accidental release of the product D. product pricing guidelinesD. product pricing guidelinesNot having ______________ available poses a health risk to anyone exposed to hazardous materials and violates federal and state regulations. A. MRSA B. CDCs C. HRVs D. SDSsD. SDSsRules: A. are also called statutes B. establish specific standards of conduct C. are written by legislatures D. are not as specific as lawsB. establish specific standards of conductFederal agencies: A. Set guidelines for manufacturing equipment and chemicals B. set conduct guidelines for people working in salons C. regulate the licensing of nail technicians D. set guidelines for employee handbooks for salonsA. set guidelines for manufacturing equipment and chemicalsDarion was performing a manicure on Tayla, one of his favorite clients, who was excitedly telling him about her recent engagement. As he listened to Tayla's story, Darion got momentarily distracted as he reached to the side for his nippers, and accidentally pierced the tip of his finger, drawing blood. What should Darion do first? A. stop the service B. Apply a bandage C. Remove his gloves D. finish the serviceA. stop the serviceDarion goes to the sink to wash his hands. As he does, it is important that he: A. refrain from using soap because it could sting B. vigorously rub his hands together as he washes his hands C. Wash only the hand that was cut D. Uses cold water to dull the painB. Vigorously rub his hands together as he washes his handsWhat should Darion do next after washing his hands? A. Return to Tayla to complete her manicure B. apply pressure with cotton C. apply an adhesive bandage D. apply antisepticB. Apply pressure with cottonAfter taking care of his cut, Darion returns to his station. What should he do next? A. Ask another nail technician to finish Tayla's manicure. B. Spray his nippers with disinfectant and then resume with Tayla's manicure C. Remove all implements that may have been contaminated D. Immediately pick up where he left off with Tayla's manicureC. Remove all implements that may have been contaminatedDarion determined that the only potentially contaminated item was his nippers. What should Darion do with the nippers before he returns to complete Tayla's manicure? A. Place them in his container for "dirty" items B. Place them in sharps box C. place them in disinfectant D. rinse them off and reuse themA. Place them in his container for "dirty" itemsBefore returning to his client and resuming the service, Darion should: A. wash and disinfect his hands B. wash and dry his hands and rebandage his cut C. wash and disinfect his hands and rebandage his cut D. wash and immerse his apronB. wash and dry his hands and rebandage his cutA contact time of ____ is typically required for disinfectant to be effective. A. more than 15 min B. less than 15 min C. 10-15 min D. 5-10 minD. 5-10 minWhen using disinfectants: A. Always keep them out of the reach of children B. change disinfectants every few days C. It is safe to pour quats on your hands D. tools can be left in solution for prolonged periodsA. Always keep them out of the reach of childrenThe purpose of _____ is to regulate and enforce safety and health standards to protect employees in the workplace. A. the FDA B. OSHA C. the EPA D. The Department of HealthB. OSHAPhenolics are powerful _____ disinfectants. A. Tuberculocidal B. Fungicidal C. Ammonium compound D. VirucidalA. TuberculocidalWhich bacteria are the most common? A. spirilla B. flagella C. cocci D. bacilliD. bacilliStaph is most frequently spread through: A. contact with doorknobs B. the air C. contaminated water D. skin-to-skin contactD. skin-to-skin contactWhich of the following is not a potential penalty for violating a state regulation? A. a fine B. revocation of license C. imprisonment D. a warningC. imprisonmentWhich of the following steps to proper infection control requires an autoclave? A. cleaning B. scrubbing C. disinfecting D. sterilizingD. sterilizingDisinfectants in the salon must be all of the following except: A. Fungicidal B. bactericidal C. virucidal D. parasitalD. parasitalWhich of the following is not a sign of inflammation? A. pain B. swelling C. a cold spot on the skin D. rednessC. a cold spot on the skinThe spread of bloodborne pathogens is not possible through: A. massage B. tweezing C. shaving D. waxingA. massageWhich of the following is not an example of a potentially infectious microorganism? A. a virus B. a parasite C. a fungus D. an allergyD. an allergyYou violate state law when you: A. leave a disinfecting product on a surface for too short a time B. use a disinfecting product on the wrong type of surface C. mix a disinfecting product incorrectly D. operate without the required credentialsD. operate without the required credentialsWhat is not one of the categories of SDS? A. transport information B. decay information C. ecological information D. accidental release measuresB. decay informationClient packs: A. must only contain implements that have been cleaned and disinfected. B. should be stored in a container with an airtight seal. C. should contain both multi-use and single-use items. D. must be sealed while the implements are still wet with disinfectant.A. must only contain implements that have been cleaned and disinfected.Tools and equipment must be cleaned and disinfected: A. at least once a week. B. after each time they are used. C. only when they are visibly contaminated. D. only at the end of the day.B. after each time they are used.If you spill a salon chemical on your skin and have to go to the emergency room, where will a doctor look to obtain medical information about that specific substance? A. the product's SDS B. the label on the bottle C. the product's packing slip D. the manufacturer's shipping recordsA. the product's SDSQuats are safe and useful disinfectants for: A. no use in the salon B. nail clippers C. nail buffers D. all uses in the salonD. all uses in the salon