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earth test

what are colors in powder form?
what are used to describe how ;ight reflects is what?
what is scratching glass?
what is classification based on?
composition of minerals
where do black smokers or vents come from?
earths crust and the bottom of the ocean
what as never contained carbon?
minerals can be classified based on what?
what is color?
small amounts of different elements that give the same mineral different colors
what is streak?
the color of a mineral in it's powdered form
what is luster?
used to describe how light is reflected from the surface of a mineral
what is crystal form?
the vidible expression of a mineral's internal arrangement
what are halides?
mineral's that contain a halogen ion plus one or more elements
what are native elements?
minerals that exist in relively pure form
what is hardness?
A messure of the resistance of a mineral to being scratched
what is a mohs scale?
consists of 10 minerals arranged from 10 to 1
what is cleavage?
the tendancy of a mineral to break or cleave alone flat even surfaces
what is fracture?
uneven breakage of a mineral
what is density?
property of all matter that is the ratio of an objects mass to it's volume
what are silicates?
silicon oxygen tetrahedron, which provides the framework of every silicate mineral
what are carbonates?
minerals that contain the elements carbon, oxygen, and one more other metalic element
what are oxides?
minerals that contain oxygen and one or more other elements
what are sulfates and sulfides?
minerals that contain sulfur
what are halides?
minerals that contain a halogen ion plus one or more other elements