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  1. clandestine
  2. elaborate
  3. Challenge Word: sycophant
  4. dichotomy
  5. bloc
  1. a Having intracate detail
  2. b Group united usually for political purposes
  3. c Hidden activity
  4. d a person who tries to please someone in order to gain a personal advantage
  5. e Divide in to two parts

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  1. Having pride in one's country
  2. Having an interest
  3. A political act or gesture
  4. having or showing a ready disposition to fight
  5. Being misshapen

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  1. dilemmaBeing Banished or sent away from native land


  2. conglamerateThing mafe of a mixture of anything


  3. dependenceReliabilty, trust


  4. microcreditThe giving of small loans to businesses


  5. AfghanistanHidden activity


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