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A(n) ____ control is any type of input mechanism on a form.


Which of the following controls sends a form to a server for processing?


Which of the following controls resets the form?


Which of the following controls is identical to text fields used for single-line data entry?


Which of the following controls creates a menu of choices from which a visitor chooses?


Which of the following attributes, when used with the text tag, determines the number of characters that display on a form?


The ____ attribute of the text tag specifies the maximum length of the input field.


A ____ input control is either a radio button, a check box, a Submit button, a Reset button, or a selection menu.


In a(n) ____ box, a visitor may enter small amounts of text.


The text control has two attributes: ____.

size and maxlength

A ____ control creates a list item in a list from which only one item can be chosen.


With a checkbox control, the default can be changed so a particular check box is preselected as the default, by using the ____ value within the <input> tag.


A(n) ____ control creates a drop-down list or menu of choices from which a visitor can select an option or options.


The ____ attribute of the <form> tag indicates the URL for the action to be completed by the server.


There are two primary methods to send the form to the server to be processed: ____

get and post

An external style sheet must be saved as a(n) ____ file.


A(n) ____ statement must be inserted into all Web pages in which you want to use an external style sheet.


All of the following are types of CSS EXCEPT ____.


A ____ is a rule that defines the appearance of an element on a Web page.


A(n) ____ style sheet is used to change the style within an individual HTML tag.


Which of the following kinds of style sheets are overridden by inline styles?


A(n) ____ style sheet is used to change the style of one Web page.


A(n) ____ style sheet is used to change the style of multiple pages on a Web site.


The ____ is a very useful unit in CSS because it adapts automatically to the font size that the Web page visitor uses.


In the padding property statement, padding: 25px 50px 75px 100px; the top padding is ____.


The measurement x-height is usually about ____ the font size.


If you do not use the ____ property, the elements display on the Web page in the order in which they appear.


Which of the following is NOT a position property value?


The ____ property value generates an absolutely positioned element, positioned relative to the first parent element that has a position other than static.


Which of the following is not an element of the box model?


The use of asterisks, for example, to mark the entered text in this kind of field is designed to help protect text from being observed as it is being entered


When one of these is selected, all of the other ones in the list are deselected automatically

Radio button

This category of control eliminates a visitor's having to type information into a text or textarea field

select control

This kind of field is useful when an extensive amount of input from the Web page visitors is required or desired


This kind of input control creates a list item


If a choice in a selection menu is highlighted, it means that this attribute has been used for that choice


This kind of control either can be a radio button, a check box, a submit button, or a reset button


These kinds of controls either are HTML tags or attributes of HTML tags


This attribute of the <form> tag indicates the location at which a resource will display


Nearly all of the HTML tags used to create forms have at most one of this each

data input

With ____________________ you can establish a standard look for all Web pages on a Web site.


A(n) ____________________ is a dot on the computer screen.

Pixel, Bullet?

The ____________________ property is used to position an element on the Web page.


The unit ____________________ means pixels.


In the box model, the ____________________ is the space between the content of the element and the box border.


In the box model, the ____________________ specifies the space between the element and other content on the Web page.


In the box model, the ____________________ is what surrounds the element content.


Web developers can specify the margins of a page box inside a(n) ____________________ rule.


A(n) ____________________ rule contains the keyword @page, followed by an optional page selector, followed by a block of declarations.


Using the ____________________ rule gives you the flexibility that you need in controlling printing of a Web page.


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