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Digital Video 4.00


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Assembly Cut
The first stage of the editing process, footage is organized into scenes assembled roughly, with editor's choice on takes, no music or effects are included 4.00
Chroma Keying
A special effects technique for compositing (layering) two images or video streams together, involves replacing a particular color in an image with a different image 4.00
The combining of visual elements from separate sources into single images, often to create the illusion that all those elements are parts of the same scene 4.00
Crawl Title
A title that appears from either the left or the right and moves horizontally through the field of view and off the other side 4.00
Sometimes referred to as a "cut," the instantaneous transition from one shot to the next 4.00
Dissolve Transition
A gradual blend between one video clip and another 4.00
Fade Up or Fade Down Transition
When the screen goes gradually from black or white to a video clip, or gradually from a video clip to a black or white screen 4.00
Final Cut
The third stage of the editing process, all of the transitions, special effects, and other editing techniques are finished; step preceding rendering and exporting 4.00
Transfer (data or file) into a document or program 4.00
In Point
Defining the first frame you want to include in a video clip 4.00
When you hear audio from a shot and then see the video, the letter J shows visually in the timeline 4.00
When you cut to different video but the audio from that previous shot remains, shows the letter L in the timeline 4.00
Marking Clips
Setting a clip's in and out points for use in a video sequence 4.00
Showing or hiding specific area(s) of a video clip 4.00
Natural Sound
Produced by natural sources in their normal environment 4.00
Nested Sequences
A sequence that is edited into another sequence 4.00
Out Point
Defining the last frame you want to include in a video clip 4.00
Picture in Picture
Placing one video clip in a small frame over a background video clip that covers the entire screen 4.00
Recording Narration
(Voiceover) The voice of an unseen narrator speaking (as in a motion picture or television commercial) 4.00
Roll Title
Appears from either the top or the bottom and moves vertically through the field of view and off the other side 4.00
Masking an object in a video as it moves within the field of view 4.00
Rough Cut
The second stage of the editing process, takes are replaced as needed, based on the director's notes, film is reviewed and scenes/dialogue removed in order to get the film to an appropriate length, Music and story-critical sound effects are added 4.00
Still Title
A title (block of text with or without an accompanying graphic) that appears on the screen, remains motionless, and then disappears 4.00
Superimposition Title
(Super or Lower Third) A title that relays information (their name, position or title, statistics, etc.) usually appears in the lower third of the screen 4.00
A versatile tool enabling you to create video titles and credits, as well as animated graphics and text 4.00
Block of text with or without an accompanying graphic added to a video sequence 4.00
The way in which two video shots or audio clips are linked together; for example, dissolve, wipe 4.00
Trimming Clips
Adjusting a clip's in and out points after it is already edited into a sequence 4.00
Video Effects
Video image manipulation which changes color, shape, speed or size of video. 4.00
Wipe Transition
When one video clip replaces another by traveling from one side of the frame to the other or through a shape 4.00