HIST 2773 ASUB Final(Test 1 + 2 + 3)

In the Teapot Dome scandal, Interior Secretary Albert B. Fall
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After Pearl Harbor there was virtually no congressional opposition to a declaration of war. (T & F)TrueWorld War II began when Britain and France declared war on Germany after its invasion ofPolandDuring the final days of World War II, German troops mounted their last serious resistance in western Europe at the Battle ofThe BulgePresident Truman's advisors saw the atomic bomb as a means of avoiding the heavy casualties they anticipated in an invasion of Japan. (T & F)TrueJapanese progress toward Australia was halted by the Battle of the Coral Sea. (T & F)TrueThe Korean War began whenNorth Korean forces invaded South KoreaThe Berlin airliftmade it clear the United States did not want war, but would not tolerate further Soviet expansion.All of the following are true of the Marshall Plan except thatit furnished military aid to Greece and Turkey.The senator from Wisconsin who became a national figure when he claimed that the State Department had been infiltrated by Communists wasJoseph McCarthy.The establishment of NATOAll of theseAll were family television shows exceptDavy CrockettAttitudes toward women in the 1950s included all of the following exceptthe perception that women had nothing vital to contribute to society besides raising children.In the 1950s, many people built "fallout shelters." (T & F)TrueThe shakeout in the Soviet Union after Stalin's death left as strongman, a Ukrainian,Nikita Khrushchev.John F. Kennedy won the presidential election of 1960. (T & F)TrueIn 1896, the Supreme Court upheld the Louisiana law that made separation of the races illegal. (T & F)FalseWilliam McKinley was assassinated byan anarchist, Leon Czolgosz.The popular reaction to the outbreak of the Spanish-American War wasgreat enthusiasm.The election of 1896 effectively spelled an end to the Populist party as a significant political force. (T & F)TrueAs president, Theodore Roosevelt wasenormously popular.The Morrill Land Grant Act of 1862,provided public land for agricultural and mechanical colleges.Amusement parks were often established and promoted by trolley-car companies seeking weekend business. (T & F)TrueAll of the following are true of The Jungle by Upton Sinclair except thatwas ghostwritten by Ida M. Tarbell.During Roosevelt's presidencyChoose allProgressivism was more a movement of large and smaller cities than of the countryside. (T & F)TrueTheodore Roosevelt's suit against the Northern Securities Company earned him the nicknameTrustbuster.The Prohibition movement won progressive support byChoose allAll of the following are true of Woodrow Wilson as president excepthe became more conservative as his first term progressed.The United States suggested the Open Door policy for China in order toChoose AllThe Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine stated thatthe United States could intervene in the internal affairs of Latin American nations to preserve stability.Roosevelt campaigned for the Republican presidential nomination in 1912 by advocating the New Nationalism, a comprehensive, systematic program of progressive reform. (T & F)TrueIn 1916, the German Navy temporarily suspended submarine warfare against U.S. ships because ofthe fear that it would lead to intervention by the United StatesThe Zimmermann telegram stirred up anti-German sentiment in the United States because it revealed German plans toreturn to Mexico her provinces lost to the United States in exchange for a Mexican declaration of war on the United StatesThe First World War was triggered bythe assassination of an Austrian archduke by a Serbian nationalist.At the Versailles Conference,President Wilson was forced to compromise on other issues in order to save the League of Nations.The Committee on Public Information did all of the following exceptensure that news from the front was accurate.The Red Scare began in part as a response to communist activity around the world. (T & F)TrueThe Ku Klux Klan of the 1920s was largely anti-Catholic and anti-Semitic in some parts of the country. (T & F)TrueThe "noble experiment" of Prohibition resulted in all of the following developments exceptthe creation of a very large force of government agents to enforce the lawThe Scopes Trial, or "Monkey Trial", grabbed much attention from the media in the 1920's. (T & F)TrueUlysses S. Grant's presidency was plagued by government scandals and corruption. (T & F)TrueDuring the late nineteenth century, the Democratic Party could count on the votes of all the following exceptAfrican Americans.The purpose of the Pendleton Civil Service Act of 1883 was tofill some government jobs on the basis of competitive examinationsThe assassination of James A. Garfield occurred as a result ofthe deranged beliefs of a single, penniless ne'er-do-well named Charles GuiteauAll of the following contributed greatly to America's industrial growth exceptsocialistic tendencies in the western states.All of the following were inventors exceptJohn D. Rockefeller.John D. Rockefeller was responsible for the trust that dominated the oil business. (T & F)TrueThe financier who put together the funding to create United States Steel Corporation wasJ.P. Morgan.The anticompetitive combining of a number of firms engaged in the same business, such as the merging of many different petroleum refining companies into one company, to establish a stranglehold over an industry, is an example ofhorizontal integrationThe Sherman Antitrust Act was ineffective becauseChoose allAndrew CarnegieChoose allBy the turn of the century, the nation's major railroad systems were effectively controlled byinvestment banks.Social Darwinismstressed "survival of the fittest" in the social competition for riches.American industrialists welcomed immigrants for all of the following reasons exceptthey were more skilled than American workers were.The outcome of the Pullman Strike of 1894 indicated that the federal government wouldintervene on the side of management rather than laborA social and educational center where social workers offered programs to help the urban poor was called a(n)settlement house.In dealing with the huge numbers of immigrants, most cities solved their housing problems by moving the new arrivals intotenement blocks of housingThe chief objective of urban political machines wasto enrich the machines' top leaders and provide monies and jobs for the machine's loyal supporters.Sanitation problems in cities were compounded bycrowded living conditions, inadequate city services, and horses.All of the following were geographical features of the American West of the late nineteenth century except theGreat Lakes.Battles between the U.S. Cavalry and Plains Indians were usually small skirmishes rather than the set pieces of the Civil War. (T & F)TrueGreedy cattlemen who over-stocked the open range and grazed it destructively helped destroy the golden age of the cattle kingdom. (T & F)TrueThe "long drive" passed into history because ofthe expansion of the railroads throughout the West.After the boom of the 1870s and early 1880s, agriculture in the Westexperienced a long period of economic declineAll of the following characterized southern agriculture during the late nineteenth century exceptmuch of the black workforce moved north.