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the point directly above where the earthquake occured

wave lenth

the distance between to successive waves


the result of an event that completely destroys something


the act of something that has great strength

after shock

further tremours after the initial earthquake

Richtor scale

the measurement of the strength of an earthquake at its epicentre


a large ocean wave that is caused by suudden motion on the ocean floor


something that occurs when movement in the earth disrupts.


the unit used to measure the strength of an eathquake

fault lines

lines in the earth most likey to have an eartquake occur near, or on

continental drift

the theory of movement that occurs between continents drifting over time

plate boundarie

earthquakes are most common here because of the different tectonic plates that meet.


when the water quickly receeds from the beach in anticipation of a tsunami

tsunami warning system

a system made for early detection of a tsunami


how deep something is.


the name of a mass continent present over 180 million years ago. Does not exist anymore due to continental drift


a continent from over 180 million years ago

outer crust

the outter layer of the earth


a continent from over 200 million years ago


the very centre of the earth

strike slip, normal and thrust

the three different types of fault lines.

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