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Visual Design 1.04


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Area Type
The text fills in a closed path 1.04
Brush Tool
Basic painting tool with many options 1.04
Content Aware
Allows you to replace unwanted parts of the image with pixels near it 1.04
Eliminating unwanted parts of a graphic 1.04
Eyedropper Tool
Used to pick up a color value from the image and sets it as the foreground color 1.04
A technique used in computer graphics software to smooth or blur the edges of an element, also called blending 1.04
The inside color of a closed shape 1.04
Preset effects used to quickly adjust a graphic's appearance 1.04
Free Transform
Let you apply transformations (rotate, scale, skew, distort, and perspective) in one continuous operation; instead of choosing different commands, you simply hold down a key on your keyboard to switch between transformation types 1.04
Draws freeform segments of a selection border 1.04
Layer Styles
Preset effects applied to graphics and/or text layer within a design that add depth and dimension 1.04
Magnetic Lasso
The magnetic lasso tool snaps to the edges of defined areas (color) in the image 1.04
Used to draw selections based on geometric shapes 1.04
Point Type
Text begins right where you click and does not automatically wrap to the next line 1.04
Changing a graphic's size dimensions (height and width) 1.04
Surrounding specific part(s) of a graphic to make individual adjustments 1.04
Selection Tools
Allows you to choose a specific part of the image 1.04
Will slant or skew the object 1.04
The outline of a shape, text or image 1.04
Type on a Path
Allows text to flow along an open or closed shaped path 1.04
Action Safe Margin
This boundary is 5% in from each edge of the frame, all essential action, and actors, should be inside this outer boundary 1.04