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Visual Design 3.03


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Page layout project created by InDesign, includes page formatting information, page content, linked files, styles, and swatches 3.03
Cross-platform format created by Adobe Acrobat but viewed using Adobe Reader, preserves all formatting 3.03
CC Libraries
Makes your images, colors, text styles, and more available to you across other desktop and mobile apps for a seamless creative workflow 3.03
Character Styles Panel
Used to create, name, and apply character styles to text within a paragraph 3.03
Color Library
Standardized colors for communicating color information across apps and processes 3.03
Control Panel
InDesign panel that displays options for the currently selected tool 3.03
Grids and Rulers
Measuring tools used to assist in the scaling, arranging, and spacing of design components 3.03
Paragraph Styles Panel
Used to create, name, and apply paragraph styles to entire paragraphs 3.03
Smart Guides
Temporary snap-to guides that appear when you move objects; help you align, edit, and transform objects relative to other objects 3.03
Text Wrap Panel
Used to wrap text around any object, including text frames and imported images 3.03