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ch 8 bank reconciliation


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bank service charge for september
book-deduct, cr
checks written and mailed to payees on oct 2
not shown in reconciliation
checks written by another depositor but charged against this company's account
bank- add
principal and interest on a note receivable to this company is collected by the bank but not yet recorded by the company
book-add, dr
special bank charge for collection of note in part 4 on this company's behalf
book- deduct, cr
check written against the company's account and cleared by the bank; erroneously not recorded by the company's record keeper
book-deduct, cr
interest earned on the sept cash balance in the bank
book-add, dr
night deposit made on sept 30 after bank closed
checks outstanding on aug 31 that cleared the bank in sept
not shown in reconciliation
NSF checks from customer is returned on sept 25 but not yet recorded by this company
book-deduct, cr
checks written by the company and mailed to payees on sept 30
deposit made on sept 5 and processed by the bank on sept 6
not shown in reconciliation